Beginner's Mind

by Kirk Kurokawa

Juror was Satoru Abe
"As an artist and a juror I will be looking for the following aspects in the individual and submission:
PASSION in their art work
UNIQUENESS in composition and color combination
WORKMANSHIP in three dimensional pieces,
and most important of all, CREATIVITY.
As an artist I am still exploring and occasionally I find something along the way"

~This year's show~
Number of Entries: 699
Number of Artists entered: 427
Number of pieces in the exhibit: 175
Artists represented in the exhibit: 142
Number of visitors: 5659
Number of Volunteers: receiving (37); sitting show minus artists (98)
State Foundation of the Arts 2 pieces
Purchase Pledgers 31 pieces
Purchased by public 16 pieces
49 total sold

Schaefer Gallery, Maui Arts & Cultural Center

Show open to Public
Sunday, 13 March through Sunday, 10 April 2005

Photos by David Crist and Kitt Lengkeek