2013 publicity image

“Keeping it Together” by Christine Turnbull

“Keeping it Together” by Christine Turnbull

The publicity image for 2013, selected from works in the 2012 exhibition by the Art Maui board of directors, is “Keeping it Together” by Christine Turnbull. She writes, “This piece is highly personal. My inspiration was to create something that would represent all of life’s challenges, and it took me a long time to get it right. As I worked, I was thinking about a fact of life…not a day goes by that we are not hit with masses of information to occupy our heads; lists of things to do; activities to enjoy; more than one job to undertake; caring for kids; remembering to pay bills. So that’s how the name came to be ‘Keeping It Together.'” Read more on her website.

The image is available here for download in several sizes. Artwork by Christine Turnbull. Photo by Jose Morales.

351×300, 21KB

400×342, 26KB

1024×875, 124KB

Please contact us if you need a high resolution version for your publication. (2932×2506, 3MB)

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