Juror 2010: Kenneth Bushnell

Ken BushnellJuror’s statement: “The large open juried exhibition tends by nature to be multi-directional, uneven and a challenge to both the juror and the audience. It should not, be seen as an opportunity to promote a specific aesthetic or philosophical agenda. Instead, in my view, Art Maui is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity and vitality of the art community, as illustrated by their work. My aim will to be to identify the best examples within the aggregate of diverse persuasions. Beyond technical mastery, I try to favor those works that seem to speak with an authentic voice. This is always a difficult and imperfect enterprise.

“The challenge mentioned above will be to approach each work of art on it’s own merits, while attempting to transcend acquired bias’ concerning style and intention. I know from prior experience that the art community on Maui is both lively and large. I look forward to this opportunity to serve as juror.”

For juror’s bio, please see Kenneth Bushnell’s web site.

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