Preregistration for Art Maui 2017 is now CLOSED, but you can still register on receiving day, Saturday, March 25.

Please read on for key registration dates; to learn about the fastest way to check in your art on receiving day; what happens on receiving day; and the information we collect from entrants.

Key registration dates for Art Maui 2017

  • Online registration opens Sunday, January 31, at noon,.
  • Applications for installations, including registration and payment, must be postmarked by March 11 (see Prospectus for details)
  • Online registration closes Tuesday, March 21, at noon
  • Receiving Day is Saturday, March 25, at the MACC, from 9am to 4pm

How to save time checking in on Receiving Day

Typically, around 400 artists submit work each year. If you want to check in quickly instead of standing in lines, your best bet is to register and pay online in advance. In addition, you have the convenience of paying by credit card if you pay online when you preregister. We are unable to accept credit cards on Receiving Day.

Here are the options for registering for Art Maui 2017.

  1. The most expedient method is to preregister and prepay online. Then, on Receiving Day go immediately to the EXPRESS line where you will pick up and sign your form, then attach the labels and turn in your art.
  2. The second method is to preregister online. In doing this you can eliminate going through the computer line to register. On Receiving Day go to  the CASHIER line to pay your entry fee (cash or check only), pick up and sign your application, attach the labels, and turn in your art.
  3. The third method will take the most time on Receiving Day. If you are unable to preregister, you can either download a registration form or pick one up on Receiving Day. Fill this out and proceed to the computer table to register. You will then need to go through the Cashier line to pay (cash or check only), sign and turn in your art. Give yourself plenty of time for registration if you choose this method.

What happens on Receiving Day

If you preregister online, your registration form will already be printed and waiting for you to sign at either the Express line (if prepaid) or Cashier line (not prepaid). If you need to make changes, they can be done that day at the computer registration table.

You will verify and sign a printed form filled in with the information you provide at registration. Your signature certifies that you understand the conditions for entering art work into Art Maui 2017, and that you meet those conditions. You may be asked to show proof that you meet the residency conditions (Hawaii driver’s license or ID; lease agreement; utility bill, etc.). We keep the signed entry form and give you a copy as a receipt. You will need this receipt to pick up your work after jurying or at the end of the show. At the bottom of the form are labels which you attach to the top right corner of the back of your work. Turn in the labeled work to one of the Receiving Day volunteers, who will bring it into the gallery. Artists are not allowed inside the gallery on Receiving Day.

Required information and how it is used

The registration form provides us with information about you and your entries. Your name, address, at least one phone number, and information about your first piece are required information. Your name, together with the information about your entries, will be used in Art Maui materials should your work be selected by the juror for exhibition. Your telephone number is required in case we need to contact you for any reason about your entry. Although not required, we would also like you to provide a second phone number if you have one. Your email address will be used to send updates during the course of the show, and the announcement about next year’s show. Your mailing address is kept on file in the event our e-mailings do not reach you, and to send a postcard announcing the next year’s show dates. If your work is accepted, and you provide your website address, we’ll link to your website from the Art Maui website.