Marianne Lowry – 2019 Featured Artist

The publicity image for 2019 is Sky, by Marianne Lowry. The glass sculpture was selected by the Art Maui Board of Directors from works in the 2018 exhibition.

Marianne Lowry grew up on a family farm in a small Danish town outside of Copenhagen, where an aunt often took her to a local glass studio. After some beginner classes, she put together a small studio to work on and design her own projects. Eventually she attended Kosta Glass School in Sweden, a three-year intensive in both the hot and cold side of blowing glass.

After school, the spent time travelling, visiting Venice, Hawaii, Japan, Iceland and Seattle to learn what she could from other studios. She now lives on Maui with her husband, who is also a glass blower. She says, “I have a great little studio at home, where I can listen to music and play with our dogs. Maui is a great place with lots of inspiration and wonderful artists.”

Artist’s Statement: “I was introduced to glass blowing at a young age and found it amazing. I couldn’t believe what an artist could accomplish with 2000-degree glass that you can only work with tools and never even touch. When I actually got the opportunity to work with glass it fit my meticulous personality perfectly. Glass is a very unforgiving medium that takes precise and meticulous steps to create the clean product I strive to make.

“In my latest work I’m trying to reproduce the feelings I get from the natural surroundings. Personally, I’m nervous to be in the ocean but it’s beauty is undeniable. I love the colors, reflections, and movements you get from the ocean and the creatures in it. Glass is the perfect material to represent this beauty because of it’s transparent qualities. Hopefully my art can bring that same natural beauty and movement into your home.”

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