Kari von Wening – 2017 Featured Artist

Heart of Maui by Kari von Wening

My romance with metal has its genesis in Intaglio printmaking. I was more drawn to the zinc plates than I was to the prints they created. I began by pop riveting the plates together forming sculptural objects. The limitations of the plates led me to search other metals that would provide me with greater flexibility. Scrap metal was the answer, it’s quality provided choices in surface texture, color, and form.

Each piece of scrap metal with its individual character provides me with vast potential for assembling and designing.  The history of found metal is revealed in its disintegrating edges, pitted surfaces, and natural patinas.

The process entails blowing out shapes with a plasma cutter and welding them back together. Sometimes I add acid to further enhance the rusting process.  I add layers of acrylic enamels and inks to fine tune. Decisions come from preconceived ideas, yet I take advantage of the unpredictability in the process.

~ Kari von Wening, 2016

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