Juror 2016: Lauren Faulkner

Lauren Faulkner - Art Maui 2016 Juror

Lauren Faulkner making choices

Art Maui 2016 welcomes juror Lauren Faulkner. 

Lauren has lived in Hawaii since the age of 4, and grew up with an appreciation for the wealth of creative talent here. When she was a child she was exposed to art as part of her life as she and her parents walked the zoo fence in Honolulu to see the art and talk to the artists.

Soon after graduating from UH in Art History, she began work in interior design. At The Fine Art Associates, she soon realized that she’d rather be working entirely with the art, as it made the biggest impact on the space and the process of educating and guiding clients in creating their collections give her a great deal of satisfaction. She began working with the team of Greg Northrop, Pat Hammon and Patti Chong at The Fine Art Associates in the late 80’s and took over as owner/art consultant in 2008.

The Fine Art Associates has been in business since the mid-80s, and Lauren says that she has had the privilege to work with the finest artists in Hawaii, and some of our most spectacular public and corporate spaces. The Fine Art Associates specializes in the fine art consultation services including creative development, site specific commissions like outdoor sculpture, framing, installation, lighting recommendation, packing, shipping, conservation and restoration. She says, “We work with clients big and small, and enjoy immensely working with individuals to develop their private collections.”

She is a member of and has served on the board of the Honolulu Printmakers, is a member of Hawaii Craftsmen, and has juried several shows in Honolulu and the outer islands. She is also a current member of the rotating jury for the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts.

When she’s not working in her office with her dogs at her feet, or visiting artists and clients, she tries to be on the ocean. She says, “I am a paddling addict, both 6-man canoes and OC-1’s. It’s where I leave the stress of my days and often where I find inspiration for new projects.”

Juror’s statement

“First I have to say how much I respect all those who can create art from their hearts and experiences and have the courage to submit these pieces to be “judged” by the selected jurors. Secondly all those who submit or come to view the resulting show must realize that these selected pieces reflect the particular juror’s vision. Truly, the juror makes her/himself as vulnerable as the artists as the resulting show is judged by the viewers, so we are all in this together.

“My work in the arts comes from a place of stepping into the client’s shoes to create collections that realize the vision they express to me. While I bring my years of experience and ever expanding awareness of the wealth of work created these islands to the table, my role is usually to select the work most appropriate for spaces created by a wide variety of designers, architects, developers and others in the design world. I have to be able to “step inside their minds,” to enrich their spaces with the artwork that fulfills their goals.

“When I jury a show, I have the opportunity to select work that speaks to me personally. This is a treat and a huge responsibility and I relish and honor the invitation. I am anxious to see what the result will be.

“The content and mastery of the medium is of course important. The knowledge of how to present the final work is crucial as well and is a component that is often overlooked or misunderstood. Whether to frame or not, how to frame, what the size or material of a base should be and how it will affect the way the viewer sees the final work is an important last step in the submittal of a piece for a juried show.”

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