Creative Tools for Artists and Other Creative Minds

Marinelli - Art Maui 2016 symposium

Maia Marinelli – 2016 symposium presenter

In the annual symposium, slated for February 20th at 2pm in the MACC’s Alexa Higashi Meeting Room, multi-media artist and interactive designer Maia Marinelli will present Creative Tools for Artists and Other Creative Minds.

Maia observes that, “Facing high competition in an ever-so-complex art world, artists tend to focus (for good reason) either on ‘getting the work out there’ or isolating themselves in the studio. In truth, the secret for a healthy and successful art practice is balancing these two pressures.”

Maia has discovered tools and practices that help her organize her thoughts, workload and decision-making inside and outside the studio, helping her develop a balance between studio practice and professional growth. She will share some of these tools and practices with the local art community in a lively and interactive symposium.

Now living on Maui, Maia has worked extensively in Italy, Germany, and New York City. Her work includes art, interactive installations, performance, sculpture, and multidisciplinary exploration. Maia Marinelli holds an MFA from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program in New York, and she received her BFA in Theater and film set design at the Fine Art Academy of Florence, Italy. Her work has been featured at SXSW, LACMA, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Genoa Italy, the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, International Studio & Curatorial Program in New York, Pecci Museum of Contemporary Art and Biennial of Mediterranean Artists. Learn more about Maia from her bio and website.

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