Prospectus 2016


Please read carefully. Updated with changes since last year.


Noelani by Jennifer J. Stephens

Noelani by Jennifer J. Stephens

  • All entrants must be at least eighteen years of age and a current resident of Maui County with valid ID of residency. Residency is defined as living a minimum of 4 months each year within the county of Maui and evidenced by driver’s license, voter registration card, property ownership record, or other supporting documents. Be prepared to show proof of residency on receiving day.
  • All Art Maui entries must be original and have been created within the last two years without supervision. Works executed in a workshop or classroom under another person’s supervision are not eligible.
  • Collaborators on artwork shall all be named and artwork shall be considered as a submission by each artist.
  • Works may not have been previously exhibited in any juried exhibition. Any number within an edition, whether numbered or not, may be entered as long as no other duplicate image has been exhibited in any juried exhibition or previously sold.  If selected for Art Maui, duplicate images within the edition may not be displayed, shown available for sale, or sold elsewhere until the current Art Maui exhibit closes.


  • Online pre-registration and payment will be available. Check the website for dates.
  • No credit cards are accepted on receiving day. Have cash or check.
  • All entries must be finished and ready for display on receiving day.
  • No wet works will be accepted. No varnishing or touch-up after submission.
  • Original two-dimensional (2-D) work must be properly framed, mounted and WIRED. The exceptions are sublimated aluminum prints which have factory installed hangers. For all other work, WIRES ONLY, no “saw tooth” hangers. Art Maui does not provide wire.
  • All artwork should be signed, including 2-D, 3-D, and jewelry.
  • Wrapped canvas is permitted on paintings provided the edges are painted.
  • Maximum wall size for 2-D art is not set; it will be accepted if it fits through the double doors which measure 91” high by 71” wide.
  • Diptych (2) and Triptych (3) multi-panel art must comply with maximum size above, provided it represents one concept that flows from one panel to the next and a design with continuity that unites them all.
  • Diptychs and triptychs will be juried as one piece and must be labeled on back indicating the hanging sequence.
  • Art with audio must have a volume control and a single on/off switch.
  • Electronic/digital artworks must be completely operational with the flick of a switch or be “plug and play” ready. Artists are responsible for any peripheral devices (e.g., electrical cords, tape, etc.)
  • Sculpture and 3-D art should be well balanced, able to stand freely and fit through the gallery doors. Heavy sculptures and sculptures with display bases should be secured and works must be on a dolly you provide and be left on the dolly to facilitate moving during jury process. Art Maui does not provide dollies.
  • No reproductions of any original artwork, including 2-D and 3-D, will be allowed. The only exception is for art that requires printing to be completed, for example, sublimated aluminum prints, giclees, and other reproduction methods used to print photography, digital art or computer generated art.
  • Fiber entries must be measured and lint-free before submission. Each must also be pre-hung by the artist before submission to assure the support of the artwork is of adequate length and strength to properly display, hold, and level the piece. Art Maui is not responsible for display appearance.
  • Jewelry display stands must be labeled with your name in a discreet place.
  • Art Maui assumes no responsibility for live plants submitted as part of a work. Artist must maintain any plants throughout the exhibit.
  • No separate verbiage, poetry or written explanation of art will be displayed beside the accepted piece.
  • If any condition or criteria listed in this prospectus is not met, your piece may be disqualified at any time and removed from the exhibition with no refund.


  • Installation art will be juried based on a submitted proposal.
  • Installations are defined as works that require assembly by the artist after selection and before exhibition.
  • Work which can be handed off to receiving day volunteers and is ready for judging without further work by the artist is not an installation.
  • For each entry, the proposal must include:
    •  Completed registration form (online or paper) plus $20 entry fee
    •  A written descriptive statement
    •  A digital image of the assembled piece
    •  A drawn diagram
    •  A list of all components
    •  Dimensions (maximum size 6 feet wide by 6 feet deep by 10 feet high) and weight
    •  Technical requirements which must meet gallery safety standards
  • The piece must be installed by the artist and their own assistants as shown in the submitted proposal.
  • Installations involving electronics must be completed by the artist. Then MACC staff will check to make sure gallery safety standards are met. Any changes required will be done by the artist.
  • Art with audio must have a volume control and a single on/off switch.
  • Electronic/digital artworks must be completely operational with the flick of a switch or be “plug and play” ready. Artists are responsible for any peripheral devices. (e.g., electrical cords, tape, etc.)
  • Substitutions for accepted artwork will not be permitted
  • TWO copies of installation submission proposals are required. Art Maui will submit one copy to the juror for consideration and one copy to the gallery director for safety feasibility and content approval from the MACC.
  • Installation art proposals must be postmarked by Friday, March 11, 2016, and each entry must include the $20 entry fee and registration form with all necessary contact information.
  • Send your installation art proposal (remember, 2 copies!) to Art Maui, PO Box 1054, Pu`unene, HI 96784.
  • Artists whose installation proposal is selected will be notified to bring their work to the gallery for installation on or about Monday, March 21. Please do not bring it on receiving day.
  • Unaccepted proposals will be returned to artist on give-back day, March 20. Proposals not picked up will be destroyed if unclaimed within 2 days.


  • Artists may submit a total of two works; cost per entry is $20.00. Works will be juried by an independent juror, and the decision of the juror is final. There are no refunds of the entry fee(s).
  • Art Maui reserves the right to refuse any entry that presents complex exhibition or assembly problems due to excessive size, weight, or difficulty in presentation or does not meet these guidelines. If in doubt, contact Art Maui prior to submitting.
  • Artists are responsible for delivery and pick-up of their work. Works must be taken directly to and from the Art Maui receiving area. Displaying work elsewhere on MACC property is not allowed.
  • Artists are responsible for shipping sold work. Buyers are responsible for the shipping cost.
  • All accepted artists must sign up for at least two shifts of gallery-sitting during the Art Maui exhibit (3.5 hour shifts).
  • Accepted art may be photographed for educational or publicity purposes.
  • All artists must sign the liability release. Art Maui assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to art.
  • All accepted art must remain on exhibition for the duration of the show unless it has been disqualified at the discretion of Art Maui or the MACC.
  • Late fee donation of $25 per day with a maximum of 2 days will be charged to artist for non-selected works left after published pick-up day, and exhibited work after pick-up day at close of show. All art not picked up on published dates will be removed from the MACC gallery. If still uncollected after two days, the art will be donated to charitable auctions at discretion of Art Maui. No exceptions.


  • Art Maui’s commission is 50% of the sale price submitted by the artist. It is suggested that all art be for sale with the artist’s price reflecting a reasonable market value of the work.
  • Art Maui will collect general excise tax of 4.166% on the sale price for all works sold during the exhibition. Artists are solely responsible for payment of general excise tax and any other tax on the proceeds they receive from Art Maui.
  • Artists agree to complete a W-9 form furnished by Art Maui for net proceeds of $600 or greater.


  • Art Maui will encourage the purchase of works by the general public throughout the exhibition, including the Purchase Pledge Preview Event prior to the public opening.
  • The Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts will also consider purchases from the Art Maui 2016 exhibition.

FURTHER QUESTIONS? Send an email via our contact form.

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