Jennifer J Stephens – 2016 Featured Artist

Jennifer Headshot

Jennifer starting work on Noelani

Jennifer J Stephens was raised on the island of Maui, and has been inspired to create art since an early age. She attended H.P. Baldwin High School where she began developing her style under the tutelage of instructor Janet Sato in the AP Art Program.

Leaving Hawaii after high school for travels in the U.S. mainland and Europe, she broadened her interests in photography, mixed media and assemblage. She has since created many works in paint, photography, found object and digital media that capture her unique and whimsical perspective. Her work has been displayed in galleries on Maui and the U.S. mainland.

In 2007, Jennifer opened her graphic design studio Unique Art Hawaii, and more recently in 2012 she founded CRE8 Magazine, a publication devoted to art and creativity. Jennifer currently resides in Kihei, HI with her husband and assorted critters.

Noelani by Jennifer J. Stephens

Noelani by Jennifer J. Stephens

About Noelani, the publicity image for Art Maui 2016, Jennifer says, “Noelani is a lifelong friend who I grew up with and consider as a sister.

Having known her for over 35 years, she has been my muse and inspiration for many of my art pieces. In this particular piece I tried to convey the complexity of experiences that make up Noelani’s life and personality.

Close up you see the seemingly random and chaotic parts that make up the whole, but when you step back, and take it all in, the amazing grace and beauty that have made her my inspiration for all these years reveals itself.”

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