Art Maui 2015 Board of Directors message to artists

Artists of Maui County, as year-end holiday festivities draw 2014 to a close, it’s time to summon up your muses for Art Maui 2015! Here is some information that we think will be helpful as you begin your process.

David Ulrich, juror

For Art Maui 2014, David Ulrich graced us with a captivating symposium on creativity. From there the seed was planted that grew into an invitation to be the juror of Art Maui 2015. He said yes, and the Board of Directors is delighted to welcome him. Read his juror’s statement and bio here.

“I am now more interested in content than beauty and value relatedness over infatuation.” – David Ulrich, The Slender Thread

Your challenge

Your challenge, Maui artists, is to try to WOW this juror and the public.

Art Maui was founded to provide a venue for artists to stretch their creativity, to push beyond their habitual subjects and styles. Art Maui 2015 highlights that challenge, given the juror’s penchant for creativity. Like everyone, he has access to work from past shows through the website and catalogs, and will recognize if you’re just recycling the same old schtick – show us something new!

Be bold – be daring – Make this the year of WOW!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein.

Prospectus changes

There have been a few changes to the prospectus for this year, which are highlighted below.

  • Residency requirement – 4 months, unchanged. New: be prepared to show proof of residency on receiving day
  • The wall size limitation on 2-D art has been removed. If it fits through the doors, you can enter it
  • Installation applications – clarified to require registration form (online or paper).
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