Sidney Yee, 2015 featured artist, in his own words

Lighting the Way Home by Sidney Yee

Lighting the Way Home by Sidney Yee

The Art

The artwork selected as the publicity image for Art Maui 2015 is titled “Lighting the Way Home.” The context is about the o-bon season when people gather to celebrate the homecoming of family and friends both past and present. The lanterns in the painting are emphasized to focus on their symbolic purpose, which is to acknowledge our ancestors still present in our hearts. There is a bittersweet feeling of the past and present, and of the journey we all must take.

The Significance

I have forever wanted to be selected for this honor, and now that it has happened, I feel grateful and extremely fortunate. Maui artists who participate in Art Maui are many and increasingly talented. And so young.

The Artist

I was born and raised in Hawaii. I graduated from Waipahu High School in 1965, attended University of Hawaii at Manoa, earning a (MED), Masters in Art Education.

I consider myself an art educator/art maker. I was most attracted to ceramics and created large vessels that were glazed with multiple techniques and raku fired. My most notable project is two large tile murals in the Kahului Airport terminal.

I then changed my focus in 1995 to acrylic painting. My images are varied and multiple to call attention to environmental issues and exploration of culture and personal interests. I have been fortunate to exhibit in Art Maui, Honolulu Museum of Art, Contemporary Art Museum, Koa Gallery, Hui No‘eau, and the Hawaii State Foundation Museum.

~ Sidney Yee, Fall 2014

Editor’s note

In recent years, Sidney Yee has had one or more pieces selected for exhibition in Art Maui: 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2009. His 2013 entry, the triptych Nightrunner, a Recurring Dream, was purchased by the HSFCA for inclusion in the state’s art in public places collection.

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