The juror reflects on Art Maui 2013

Reflections on the symposium: sharing

Ron Kowalke

Ron Kowalke

On March 2nd, preparing my portfolio and notes, I wondered how many people would attend the “Nature of Creativity” symposium and was later very pleased to see the room full and Tim at the front door smiling, offering pens and paper to be used for the reciting of “The Invitation” by Oriah Mountain Dreamer; a fiery and challenging poem that begins, “It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living / I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.”

The audience made notes when a word or phrase resonated or tickled their psyche.

Sharing the Breath, Food and Money art project with the attendees was exciting because so many got the concept of personal research and word association as building blocks leading to actual imagery. Many brave souls were willing to share their reactions to the concept…perfect! Remember the Roselani Ice Cream Shrine?

I felt very comfortable sharing the “Art, Depression and Healing” segment and pleased that many questions were posed and discussed. Also, the 15 Spirit Guide paintings hidden under the chairs was a powerful coupling of my personal experience with depression and making the point that Art Heals.

Reflections on jurying and the exhibit: an awakening

Referring to Andrew Cohen’s brilliant statement concerning the authentic self, “When you awaken to the Authentic Self, you experience a profound inspiration to create new possibilities for human life.”

My experience jurying the entries was an awakening. I was swept away and duly impressed by the quality and intense nature of the work coupled with pure intuition searching for beauty. I discovered highly inventive compositions, choices of color and techniques that blatantly transcended the physical and flowed magically into the realm of mastery.

The day flew by as I was guided through the corridors lined with flying fish, concrete dreams, mystical landscapes, innocence displayed, anger enraged, love in various guises as hearts broken, magical jewels and tears newly born and a few meanderings in the depths of psychic healing.

It was evident to me that a major portion of the entries were fascinating and intriguing, multi-layered and tenderly processed in the birthing of concept and technical prowess. They spoke of inspiration born of brave and thoughtful encounters with the authentic self. Bravo!

Jurying the nearly 500+ art works was a transformative experience because of the high quality of the pieces submitted. The accepted work was professionally photographed, web based and used as a notification of acceptance into the Maui 13 Exhibit. How cool is that? Then, Chris and her army separated the art works while the professional photographer was busy setting up to document these beauties for the web site.

Joëlle Perz was escorted into the gallery and expertly designed the locations and the coupling of works into an elegant blend of two and three dimensional pieces. Highly sophisticated choices of scale, media, color, shape and in most instances, created a stunning array of groupings for the artists and general public to feast upon. “C’est magnifique, Madame Joëlle!”

Thank you all for the Magical Mystery Tour!

Ron Kowalke
April 27, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Reflections: Rocking Art Maui 13

A good friend of mine attended the opening of Art Maui 13. He emailed and said the gallery was so jammed packed, he really couldn’t see the entire exhibit. He noted, “Ron, you really rocked Art Maui 13” and decided to return the next day.

First of all, I couldn’t have rocked anything if not for the help of Chris Scharein and her army of volunteers including Tim Garcia and Dick Nelson. I felt perfectly at home at the MACC and inspired by the sense of community, commitment, joy and excitement!

Joëlle Perz designed and installed the exhibition. It would be an understatement if I said the exhibition is absolutely exquisite, extraordinarily balanced with color, shapes, and scale.

The artists of Maui have awakened and produced beyond ordinary expectations.

Believe me, if you do not see this Art Maui 13 exhibit, you will be missing a golden moment.

Ron Kowalke
Professor Emeritus
Art Department
University of Hawaii
Manoa Campus
Honolulu, Hawaii
Juror, Art Maui 2013

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