Works selected for Art Maui 2013

Thank you to everyone who entered Art Maui 2013!

346 artists registered 555 works. 135 works, by 123 artists, were selected. Congratulations to all! (This list was updated April 8 and 10, 2013.)

Artist Title Medium Size
Dee Dee Ackerman Bamboo lll Photography 29.25″x15.5″
Gabrielle Anderman Hula Dancers for King Kalakaua’s Jubilee, 1886 triptych Charcoal on paper 8.5″x11″ (3)
Tania Arens Lost in Transition Woodcut/intaglio-etching 15″x20″
Neida B. Bangerter Mongoose in a Cane Fire Monoprint 24″x 36″
Wolfgang Bayer Haleakala Trio Photograph on canvas 16″x64″
Derek A. Bencomo Dancing in Harmony Carved milo wood 11″x18″x24″
Mark Berry Hula Kahiko Dancer Lith silver gelatin print 24″x18″x2″
Lesta Bertoia Restoring the Balance Acrylic on canvas 22″x28″
Bill Best Darrell Pencil and pastel 30″x24″
Bettina The Goddess of Cane Fire Acrylic 12″x36″
Nina Bindi Life Unfolding Acrylic painting 16″x16″
Judy Bisgard Untitled Intaglio, chine colle 20″x23″
Laurelee Blanchard Holding the Chicken Photograph on canvas 14″x21″x1.5″
Roxanne Braddix Ocean Child Ocean plastic, acrylic, latex, steel 34″x34″x16″
George Brinner Ralph Oil on canvas 36″x48″
Steaven Brown Gaze of the Blue Pharaoh Photography 26.5″x21.5″
Steaven Brown Cosmollage 13 Collage 50.6″x34.6″
Lloyd R. Buell A Far Cry From Yesterday Bamboo screen and tatami mat sculpted with Nepalese handmade paper (acrylic) 60″x49″
Christi Cafferata Silver Box Series #25 (For Ray) Fine silver 2″x2″
Thomas M. Calhoun Executing a Turn in Time Opiuma wood 64″x24″
Todd Campbell Norfolk Pine Vessel Norfolk Island pine wood 28″dia x 11.5″
Dennis Chamberlain Three Towers Cast glass 19″x2″, 17″x2″, 14″x2″
Kristen Chiara-Gann Ninepatch Ceramic & polymer clay 12″
Douglas Chun The Beginning acrylic on canvas 60″x48″
D. Clark Digitalis Mixed media 36″x48″
Luana Coonen Haku Lei (Fern Tiara) Sterling silver 3″x6″x6″
Roman Czerwinski Into the Golden Light Mixed acrylic, oil, gold leaf, marble 60″x36″x2″
Valaida D’Alessio Live What You Love Mixed media collage 20″x20″
Nancy Davis Tri to Connect Stoneware 20″x24″x12″
Christina DeHoff A Prayer For Our Brothers Acrylic, oil, silver leaf on panel 30″x30″
Tim DeShong Shock and Ahhh Acrylic on canvas 7″x7″x1″
Ana Doolin Weeping Flowers Oil on paper 16″x20″
Cindy J. Edgerle Native Cast Argentium silver, ocean jasper stones, golden fresh water pearls, hand-knotted 3.5″x2″
Kate Eifler Kai Pi’i II Stoneware & bamboo 16″x9″
Diane Epstein Hard Mix Banana Photography 28″x37″x7/8″
Stephanie Farago Red Geisha Oil on canvas 25″x37″
Robin Ferrier Elements #40 “Kindness” Quilt 64″x68″
Gerald Filipelli Paradise Cook pine with ebony 20″x10″
Gerald Filipelli Touch of Asia Hau with ebony 12″x8″
Rik Fitch The Offering Oil 48″x36″x2″
Nelson Flack Untitled Graphite, acrylic polymer, India ink on paper 30″x22.25″
Shaun Fleming Untitled Wood: koa + assorted woods with mother-of-pearl 30″x6″x17″
Joseph Fletcher Haiku Hale Oil 14″x11″
Tim Garcia Evolution Alabaster 12″x12″x6″
Carmen Gardner By Any Other Name… Transparent watercolor 16.5″x28″
Robert Glick Ho’omana’o ‘ana (Memory) Oil on canvas 36″x48″
Mary Grandy Untitled Sterling silver constructed 24″
Cayelin Halley Childhood Memory Oil 8″x10″
Scott Henry Young and Old Koa Wood 30″x48″
Barclay Hill The Adventures of Mr. “B” Sterling silver, copper, glass 6″x6″
Ditmar Hoerl Folding Study #1 Hand-manipulated cast glass 5″x12″
Marylyn Holland Meditating Monks Bronze with wood bases 34″x36″x20″
Matthew Holton Hawaiian Breeze Acrylic, oil pastel on canvas custom frame 32″x24″
Julie Houck Where the Land Meets the Sky #2 Oil on linen 24″x24″
Brad Huck Flying Home II Mixed media on wood 24″x24″
Brad Huck Sudden Quiet Mixed media on wood 48″x37″
Jon Hunt Calypso Mixed media on panel 49″x65″x2″
Akira Iha Painting #313 Acrylic on paper 48″x36″
Harvey Janis Mo’opuna Wahine Photography 8″x10″
George Johnson Mau E Ink and stain on wood panel 48″x48″
Kathleen Kastles All Tuckered Out Painted quilt 37″x43.8″
Lanakila Kelliher Double Vision Oil & 23.5 k gold leaf 36″x48″
Caroline Killhour Maui Silver Coral Silver on Silk 3″x2″
Kirk Kurokawa Waikamoi `I`iwi Oil on board 14″x11″
Mary Ann Leigh Keiki Learning the Ropes Ceramics/rope 76″x18″
Pua Logan Morning Light Oil on panel 15″x15″
Terry Lopez Maui Cane Oil on canvas 30″x30″
Jim Lynch Raven India ink 40″x60″x3″
Anthony Martie Halawa Ruins Inkjet print on polished rag, mounted on bamboo and acrylic. 36″x26″x2″
Devon Mastrich Naturally Balanced Sterling silver cast wood, freshwater pearls, patina 8.5″x1.5″
Devon Mastrich Sunset Spire Sterling silver, copper, enamel carnelian 11″x2″
Pat Masumoto Andy Knows the Secrets of the Sphinx Acrylic 61″x38″x1.5″
Albert Matichev Evergreen Mixed medium 22.5″x18.5″
Alysia D. McKee Ka He`e La`a (The Sacred Octopus) Sterling silver ring with peridot gemstone 1″x1″
Sheri Levin McNerthney Pele’s Cloak Dye on silk 30″x24″
Jim Meekhof Pine Burl Wood 20″x11.5″
Kim Mosley Harmony diptych Acrylic on canvas 24″x16″
Linda Murphy Got Style Mixed organic 66″x19″x12″
Allen Nikaido Shoreline Mixed Bag Mixed media, 100% handcrafted 48″x20″x11″
John C. Norman Color Light Space ukulele Koa, engelmann spruce, maple 26″x9″x3.5″
Tony Novak-Clifford Left Behind Photography 24.5″x23.5″
Kathleen O’Bryan Maui Gold Soft Pastel 30″x38″
Wayne N. Omura Seven Koi Norfolk Island Pine 13.8″x12″
Wayne N. Omura Likeke Skyline Norfolk Island Pine 9″x20″
Takeo Omuro Kotsutsubo Wood 9″x9″x10″
Daniel Pardini fyoo-zhuh n (girlfriend,boyfriend) Photo 30″x42″
Daniel Pardini fyoo-zhuh n (mother,daughter) Photo 30″x42″
Virginia Pierce Infinite Majesty Pastel on paper 17″x36″
Shawn Power A Place In Time Multimedia Photography 25″x19″x1″
James Powlan Circle of Life Etching on kimono silk 35″x28″
Audrey Quinn Mixed Metals Medley Beadweaving 17″x3″
Audrey Quinn Reflections of Sand and Sea Beadweaving 16″x6 “
JB Rea Inner Secrets Argentium silver, lace agate 3″x3″x1.5″
Ryan Rea Surface Tension (Ooh Pretty Baubles) Silver bracelet 3″x2″x2″
Harvey Reed Sand Six Photograph 18″x24″
Hillary Richards Sea Green Necklace Flameworked glass, sterling silver 20″x1″
Dietmar Rittner Youth in Denial Digital print + added painting layers with acrylic and oil pastel colors 19″x29.5″
Robena Clear Reflective State Acrylic on canvas 67″x71″x2″
Sterling Ross Akashic Entry No. SR20120804a Polished enamel and aluminium on wood 12″x48″x3″
Paulo Sabado Kanaha Oil 11″x14″
Stephanie Sachs Dreams of Flying Oil on wood 24″x36″
Kathy Sakai The Contours of Meaning Watercolor on yupo 28″x34″
Karuna Santoro Points of View – Inspired by Albers and Nelson Kiln-formed glass on wood panel 24″x24″x5″
Al Schwartz Flux #320 Acrylic on panel 40″x40″
Carol Schwarz Mystic Green Jewelry necklace 3″x1″
Anna Severson Art Maui Piece Mixed media in Grandma’s frame 16″x20″
Stuart Sharp Rain Dance Acrylic on canvas 36″x48″
Annamarie Sheehan Untitled triptych Acrylic on claybord 20″x48″
John Shoemaker Looking for Light Monotype 16″x12″
John Shoemaker Float and Drift Monotype 16″x12″
Jennifer Stephens Veil Digital collage 31.5″x23.5″
Jim Stewart Tropical Garden Oil on canvas 16″x20″
Jefferson Stillwell A Pregnant Pause Enamel 38″x45″x3″
Rick Strini Aquarium Bowl Glass, fused 23″x 7″
Bill Stroud The Big Drum Wood, leather, wire 60″x75″x48″
Robert Suzuki Princess Pilar, Island Nation of Ambigu Charcoal on recycled newsprint, hand carved mat 39″x32″
M Takemoto Wabi Sabi XIV Sumi ink and wax on paper 94″x38″
Steve Turnbull Angel Dance Koa wood 8’x4′
David Valdez Moonlit Reef Sterling, moonstone, salt water pearls 1.4″x17.8″
David Valdez Starlight Sterling, 14k yellow gold, diamonds 4.5″x17″
Marianne Vasquez East Meets West in Style Hawaiian feather leis in koa-framed shadow box 31″x10″x2″
Ricardo Vasquez Transition Hard maple, wenge, sapele 47.5″x13″x17.5″
Vijai Field II Oil on paper 38″x33″
Fiama Von Schuetze Wind and Water Fantasy Fiber sculpture, fishtail palm 30″x48″
Deborah von Tempsky Best Friend Blue Acylic/oil 18″x18″
Robin Webster Knit 1 Pearl 1 Sterling and black pearls 9″x7″x8″
Roberta Weisenburg Ode to Monarch Earrings Argentium sterling, sunstone, butterfly wings, glass, handmade, granulated 1.5″x1″x0.5″
Roberta Weisenburg Amethyst Chandelier Earrings 22k, 18k gold, amethyst, diamond, tanzanite, hand fabricated, granulated 3″x0.8″x0.5″
David Welty Mystic Marquise 14K yellow gold, lapis lazuli, yellow sapphires Ring, size 8
Jay Wilson Tapa Computer art original archival print 30″x40″
Martha Woodbury Thresholds Acrylic on wood (triptych) 48″x72″
William Worcester Kula Mango With 2 Seeds Blown and sandblasted glass with dyed hemp 15″x15″
William Worcester Tethered by Blue Lava Blown and sandblasted glass with hemp 17″x15″
Sidney Yee Angel Flight Acrylic on wood 40″x48″x3″
Sidney Yee Nightrunner, a Recurring Dream (triptych) Acrylic on canvas 72″x30″x2″

Download Works Selected for Art Maui 2013 (3 page PDF) for your records or to send.

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