35th annual exhibition posters available now!

35 years of celebrating Art Maui which means 35 years of showcasing Maui Artists to the public, 35 years of displaying dazzling shapes, colors and forms in a wide variety of media, 35 years of honoring inspiration and creativity. To bring those memories to the forefront we decided to create some celebratory posters! We are delighted to offer you two different designs to remember 35 years of this special annual Maui event. Both posters are signed by the artists and available in limited editions of 100.

35 year poster - Liniger

24″ wide by 36″ high

The poster designed by Barbara Liniger offers a review of all Art Maui catalog covers since Art Maui’s inception back in 1979. Her version displays all featured exhibition images from the past 35 years. Barbara, a ceramic artist, jump-started her career in graphic design by creating the publications for Art Maui 2013.

35 year poster - Sewell

22″ square

The artist Tom Sewell took the idea of an anniversary poster one step further. He altered the form of the catalog covers to create yet another piece of art. Tom is a multimedia artist and well known to art enthusiasts on Maui, and was featured in a solo show at the Schaefer International Gallery at the MACC in 2006.

Both Barbara and Tom donated their time and talent in designing these commemorative images. The posters are available for sale during the exhibition at the MACC for $20.00. These contributions will be designated for the continuation of this fabulous event.

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