Entry deadlines are near

Aloha Maui artists,

Are you ready? There are less than 3 weeks before receiving day for the 35th Art Maui exhibition, located at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center, Schaefer International Gallery. Online registration is open now – registering and paying online will speed your entry on receiving day!

Let’s make sure you have all the key information and dates, before submitting your artwork:

  • Saturday, March 23rd for ONLY “Installation art proposals.” Reacquaint yourself with the criteria in the prospectus, posted on our website, for submitting all types of work, but more importantly for those works which have been defined by Art Maui as “installation art.” These are works that can be large or small, in multiples or sectional pieces, requiring assembly or special handling by the artist. If this is the case with your art, you will need to submit a written proposal, include picture(s) and mail it to Art Maui on or before Saturday, March 23rd. Proposals postmarked after March 23rd will not be accepted for review by the juror. All the details and the mailing address are described in the prospectus. “Installation art” will not be accepted on Receiving Day, so please don’t miss out. Read the prospectus for details, or email us at artinfo@maui.net with your questions, or call Chris at 667-6937.
  • Tuesday, April 2nd at noon: Online registration closes.
  • Thursday, April 4th from 9 am to 5 pm: Receiving Day for artist submissions, at the MACC, Schaefer International Gallery. If you can turn over your art to a volunteer without any special assembly or handling requirements, you are good to go. It is recommended that heavy pieces be on a dolly or cart for ease of transportation into the gallery. Remember, “Installation art” will not be accepted at the gallery on this day, but instead we should have received your proposal, postmarked before March 23rd.
  • The same day, Thursday, April 4th from 1 pm to 5 pm: Students applying for scholarships turn in applications and portfolios.
  • Saturday, April 6th at 8 pm: Selected works will be posted online at our website. The selection list includes all works, including those “installation art” proposals submitted earlier for the juror to review.
  • Sunday, April 7th from 9 am to 5 pm: Non-selected works should be picked up at the gallery. Late fees will apply, so please make arrangements to have your work(s) picked up, as we have no storage capability.

As you take the next step in preparing for this year’s exhibition, please take a moment to review the Art Maui prospectus, as this is the informational guide for understanding all the criteria, along with the current processes and procedures for submitting all works of art for consideration in Art Maui. The prospectus is reviewed and updated annually after each exhibition given feedback from the artist community, sponsors, patrons, and the MACC, before going through approval by the Art Maui board of directors.

Beyond the tradition of showcasing the best multi-media work by Maui’s artists through this exhibition for the past 35 years, Art Maui’s mission remains unchanged. The non-profit Art Maui organization strives to promote, encourage and recognize excellence in the visual arts.

For more information, please direct your inquiries or questions to artinfo@maui.net or visit our website at www.artmaui.com.

I look forward to seeing you all at this year’s exhibition and celebration of Art Maui’s 35th anniversary.

Chris Scharein
Art Maui Show Chair

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