Works selected for Art Maui 2012

Thank you to everyone who entered Art Maui 2012!

327 artists registered 513 works. 144 works, by 128 artists, were selected. Congratulations to all!

Artist Title Medium Size
Vijai Shield Oil on Paper 36″ x 30″
Eli Abrams Neptune Totem Ceramic 14″ x 5″
Gabriel J Abrams Grace Steel 37″ x 25″
Connie Adams Homage to J. Raffael – Heliconia Garden transparent watercolor 22″ x 30″
Kathleen Alexander Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market Watercolor on paper 36×48
Pamela Andelin “Pomestication” (tryptych) Oil 18″x18″
Shawn Ardoin Fish Tank #12 Mixed Media on Panel 42×72
Evan Asato “Diagonal Series No.1” Acrylic on canvas 48″x40.5″
Katharine Ayers Opening watercolor 16×20″
Byron Baker Cane haul road photo 14×24
Frits Bakker Tropism Fiberglass, wood and light 43.5″ x 35.5″
Emily Ball dragonfly rabbit Watercolor 22 x 31
Neida Bangerter Flow23 acrylic on panel 48×36 inches
Sue Bayley Wailea Orchid Trees Mixed media – acrylic, oil pigment sticks,oil pastels 18x18x1 1/2
Bodhi Be Surfin’ Coffin Table Wood 3’x6’4″
Margaret Bedell Abbey’s Magic Flute pastel 28″ x 36″
Margaret Bedell Blessings charcoal 30″ x 42″
Derek A. Bencomo Flight turned mulberry wood 11″ x 16″ x 9″
Derek A. Bencomo Victim of Changes carved teak wood 22″ x 41″ x 52″
Don Bernshouse Attachment II Sumi + watercolor on paper 15 X 11
Bill Best Howard Lipp – Builder pencil, oil, pastel 30″ x 24″
Semyon Bilmes The Lei Maker oil 26×38
Judy Bisgard Botanical I linocut, woodblock, chine colle 18 x 18
George R. Brinner New Arrivals oil on canvas 33″ x 40″
Susan Brown Tsunami sterling, ebony, drusy & chalcedony necklace 16″ + pendant
Lloyd R. Buell Lola Acrylic on pine board 30″x24″
Heather Burton Blessing of the Hunt Oil on Wood Panel 18″x24″
Thomas M. Calhoun Offering Hau, resin, mica pigments 6-3/4″ x 12″ d
Todd Campbell Tall Open Vessel Norfolk pine wood 24″ x 23″ dia
Jackie Pias Carlin Pono ke ola i ka wai e ola watercolor 37.5″ x 29.5″
Tess Cartwright Abstract 001 Sculptured Recycled Plastic 15″X30″X8″
Kristen Chiara-Gann Bamboo garden ll Cotton fabric quilt 65″x38″
Jamie Laniakea Clark The Afterglow Acrilyc 30×40
Michael Clements Upcountry Color Soft pastel 12×18
Michael Clements Hawaiian Huntin’ Dawgs oil 6×12
Stephanie Clifton What About Them mixed media on canvas 40″ x 30″
Cudra Clover Wai’ele (waterfall) Silk 80″x52″
Nancy Davis Black Whole Stoneware 17″ x 27″x20″
Tim DeShong I’ll Catch Up Silver, Copper, Wood and Stone Sculpture 12″ x 5″ x 15″
Patrick Dunne Old Paia Mill acrylic on board 20″ x 16″
Cindy Edgerle Pepe Fabricated Sterling Silver/Drusy-Carmelian 3’x1 1/2″
Diane Epstein Fallen Leaves Photography 15.75×20.50x.75
Diane Epstein Mirror Reflection Photography 14.50×11.25x.75
Isis Ariel Fisher Desert Turns to Green watercolor 12″ x 18″
Rik Fitch There Are Still Things We Don’t Know Oil 36″x48″
Joseph Fletcher “Wayne’s Farm Makawao Oil 8″x10″
Bob Flint “Kakau” (Tattoo) Ceramic with metal coatings 51″x26″
Bob Flint “Uila” (Lightning) Ceramic with metal coatings 49″x26″
Carol French-Jay Sacred Journey Kumbhakonam Photography 16 x 20
Tim Garcia Intersection Italian alabaster 20″ x 16″ x 16″
Carmen Gardner Shave Ice with Tutu Watercolor 18.75″x28.5″
Carmen Gardner Double Take Transparent Watercolor 19.5″x29″
Craig Gardner Hide & Seek Alabaster & Marble 9″x9″
Lynne Garzino Sensible Shoes oil 50″ x 34″
Lynne Garzino Afternoon Sun oil 36″ x 36″
Robert Glick Bride of the Great Recession oil on canvas 48×36
Christina D. Haines Limpet: 15mm x 10mm photography 27″ x 34″
James Hanlon Recycled Acrylic 1’7″x2’1″
Pamela Hayes Baldwin Beach-Dawn Pastel 24″ x 31 1/2″
Scott Henry Band Saw Bowl wood – maple, walnut 20″ x 14″
Barclay Hill Jurassic Clasp Sterling Silver, Amethyst 3″ x 3″
Matthew Holton Maui acrylic on canvas 78″ x 40″
Julie Houck Upcountry Magic Oil 12″x12″
Brad Huck Crossing Back mixed media on wooden panels 40″ x 62″
Mona Husni Wreckage, After Felice Frankel Encaustic (Diptych) (2) 21 1/2 x 12
Akira Iha Painting No. 312 acrylic 48″ x 40″
Claudia Johnson Memory Manzanita wood 5′ x 5′ x 10″
George Johnson Natural 3 ink,stain on wood panel 78”x52”x1.5”
Francis Kane Labyrnthine Toroidal Helix Wood, iron, turmeric, & beet 24″x24″
Kathleen Kastles Mo’o Kiha (Water Sprirt) Painted quilt 41.5″ x 30″
Caroline Killhour Kino Lau Acrylic 36 x 48
Lori Koprowski Lei Oil on canvas 36″x36″
Kirk Kurokawa Morning stroll oil on board 30x20x1.75
Diane La Fontaine Strata – Colliding Forces mixed 14″ x 11″
ed lane Rainforest Patterns Oil on Canvas 40″x30″
Wilton Leauanae Inspiration at Hali’imaile oil 15″ x 60″
Terry Lopez Paradise Going? Oil & encaustic on canvas 16″x20″
Deb Lynch The Warning Oil 12″ x 18″
Michele Manning Kehei Kai Girl colored pencil 2′ x 3′
Pat Masumoto “Organic Entanglements” Acrylic 28″x64″
Barry McCullough Spring Acrylic 32.25″x25″x1.0″
Ryan McVay “Indonesian Torch Ginger” Oil on canvas 36″x36″
Keri Meyer Orbital Sterling Silver, Argentium, Emerald 20 inches
Guillem Molinas Bort I Lalo Recycled Surfboard Resin 18″ x 7″ x 1″
Peter Naramore Hawaiian Pie Safe Hawaiian Walnut Wood, Hawaiian Quilt Design Pierced Copper 30″ x 17″ x 51″
david Newell Gourd Island gourd 12″hx10″wx10″d
Allen Nikaido Hawaiian Poni Lobster Acrylic on Canvas 24 x 36
Tony Novak-Clifford Untitled Photography 16″x20″
Kathleen O’Bryan Up In Smoke Soft pastel 18 x 28
Wayne N. Omura Solar Flare Wood 19″x18″
Jennifer Owen Hale Salt-fired stoneware 9″x8″x8″
Julie Peterson Sticks intaglio, aquatint collage on silk 10″ x 33″
Zach Pezzillo First Light Digital Photography 25.5 x 36.5
Zach Pezzillo Descent Digital Photography 17 x 20
Sharon Ransford Ae’o ceramic 22″ x 16″
JB Rea A Fine Line Accent sterling silver and carved onyx 1.5x3x3 inches
Harvey Reed Sand Seven Photograph 18 x 24 x 2
Tim and Vicky Robinson Pukas scanography 54″ x 68″
Tim and Vicky Robinson Golden Auger Shells scanography 36″ x 45″
Kathy Sakai Landing Acrylic 26″ x 32″
Kathy Sakai Essential Nexus Watercolor on Yupo 21″ x 27″
Alan Sato Interrelated 14k gold, Jade, Diamonds, Amethyst, Koa Wood 3 1/4″ x 2 1/2″
Joyce Schaunaman Still Life with Poi Pounder Watercolor 29″x37″
Don Shamblin Recycling Wilma oil on canvas 391/2 x 511/2
Stuart Sharp “Goodbye Kitty” Mixed media 12″x!2″
Stuart Sharp “Really Big Show” Mixed media 12″x12″
Stephen Smith Bamboo II Photograph 23″ x 26″
Stephen Smith Botanicals II Photograph 36″ x 42″
Nelly Sorokko Abstract Composition – Untitled Multipleplate Monotype 41 x 33
Nelly Sorokko Abstract Composition – Untitled Monotype 41×29
Donna Chameleon Stafford Fascinated By Shadows watercolor 21 X 17.5
Susanne Stark “Timeless transcendence” Digtital photo on canvas 20″x36″
Jennifer Stephens Eye of the Beholder Digital Collage 32h x 26w
Ada Stephens Pua Mai’a – Native Tongue photography 17″ x 17″
Marylyn Holland and Sam Stephens Leo ho’onani (Song of Praise) Norfolk pine/stoneware 30″
Jim Stewart Mountain oil on canvas 23″x29″
Jefferson Stillwell Time is Precious Mixed Medium 30″ x 38″ x 3″
Robert Suzuki Kanaha Pond, summer of 2011 oil on canvas 45×32
David Alexander Sylva “2 -Shy” Oil on canvas 61″x49″
Marc Takaha “Close Encounters with Presence” Acrylic on Stretched Canvas 46 x 60 x 1.5
M Takemoto Wabi Sabi X (sepia) Sepia ink and wax on paper 92″ x 38″
Arlene Taus Salomon Landscape with I Ching Encaustic,Sumi ink,Vegetable Oil 10″x10″
Arlene Taus Salomon Lost Encaustic collage, Vellum,Charcoal 12″x 8″
Christine Turnbull Kepping It Together Bronze 16 x 8 x 12
Jennifer Valenzuela Kupulau Oil on Panel 48″x25 1/4″
eric van alstine mile high oil 36×32
Ricardo Vasquez Convergence Curly koa wood & Mahogany with Milk Paint 17″ x 46″ x46″
David & Hamada Vitarelli Hina Wood 9′ x 6′
Fiama Von Schuetze Vessel Fiber, fishtail palm seedstems 24″x48″
Debbie von Tempsky Beach Party oil 9″x12″
Tony Walholm “Space/Time and the drawn Line” Dyptych 2 Panels Oil on Linen 48″h x36″w 72″l
Francine Walraven El Shaddai Acrylic on canvas 3 ‘x 4 ‘(x1″)
Jan Welda Harmonic Conversion #3 oil on board 24″ x 48″
Billy Welker Time on Hand oil on wood panel 12″ x 12″
Karen Whittingham George Paper clay 18″ x 25.5″
Karen Whittingham Mercedes Paper clay 8″ x 8″
Renee Wilcox Hmmmm Mixed Collage 6′ x 3′
Jay Wilson Dragon Storm computer art, original archival print, proof 30″ X 40″ X 1″
Lori Winterbottom-Guntzel Rapt Ceramic 24″ x 12″ x 12″
Michael Worcester Shallow Water Sunrise blown glass 14″ x 10″ x 5″
sidney yee “forever and ever” acrylic on canvas 36″ h x 48″w
sidney yee “here we go Zack, here we go” acrylic on canvas 30″h x 40″w
donna zarbin byrne Continuum encaustic, brass wire,japanese paper, found object, mixed media 23x7x8

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