Works selected for Art Maui 2011

Thank you to everyone who entered Art Maui 2011!

377 artists registered 592 works. 139 works, by 126 artists, were selected. Congratulations to all!

Artist Title Medium Size
Connie Adams Thanatosonance watercolor 30″ x 22″
Kathleen Alexander Haiku Paka Ua watercolor on paper 29×36.5″
George Allan Scarlet Lehua Oil on Panel 6″ x 6″
gwen arkin Waikamoi Forest Preserve Photography: handcolored van dyke brown print 17×20.5
Emi Azeka Honoring Kapo-Laka (Forest Goddess) woven cactus, dyed shibori, tie dye, wili lei of velvet leaves, feathers 8×10
Marcia Barnett-Lopez Smile, Relax, and Open Color pencil on paper; acrylic on glass 9.5″ x 9.5″
Derek A. Bencomo Protea Dancer wood – teak 19x35x35
George Berezovsky Rhapsody Mixed art 17″ x 23″
larry berko launi 3 oil on board 26” x 36”
Mark Berry P&L Curved Trestle – West Point KY Palladium Print 8×20 (22x30fr)
Bill Best Hawaiian Gold 1521 Digital Photo on Canvas 46 x 30
Judy Bisgard Rock Wall woodblock,chine colle 26″x32″
Christine Cafferata box with pearl 2 fine silver 2.5 x 1.5 inchs
Tess Cartwright Meditation In Green Plastic Sculpture – wall hanging 14″ X 14″
Richard Case Feeding Tube photograph (mounted) 11.5″ x 12.75″
Dennis Chamberlain The Mananga Sisters Glass (3 spires) 13.25×4.5×5
Jamie Laniakea Clark Plantation memories Arcylic 20″ x 16″
Jonathan Y. Clark Nightmare and Triumph: Momotaro Retold Mixed media on panel (triptych) 37″ x 81″
Cudra Clover Loko Wai Fizz Painted Silk 94 x 40
Kristopher Cooke Next Step Medium Format Pinhole Photography 29″x29″
Luana Coonen Crescent encasement 14K Gold, Silver, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Lichen (necklace) 9 x 3 x .25
Katharine Hartwig Dahl Sing to me now: a tribute, w.s.merwin mixed 72″x54″
sharon dahl MAMMON v. democracy (Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission) acrylic 48″ x 48″
Valaida D’Alessio Connecting Flights Mixed Media collage 14″x22″
Coleen d’Avignon A Gift from the Sea Kumihimo woven necklace with Sunrise shell 17 inch.
Ayumi Watabe Ditamore Mishima Vessel High-fired Stoneware 28.5 x 8.5
Tracy Dudley Ukamehame Opihi Acrylic on board 12″ x 12″
Deybra Fair Anomaly Mixed Media 27 x 27
Stephanie Farago Josephine Baker Flirts With Charlie Chaplin Ceramic painted with oil 12″ X 11″
Tom Faught Synapse Acrylic Glass and Laquer 18.25 x 20.5
Tom Faught Pele’s Breath Ha Ceramic and Bronze 36 x 36
Robin Ferrier Elements #28 Fiber 60 x 47
Rik Fitch CHARTER Oil 36″x48″
Kathy Flood Color Light Fall Digital multimedia on canvas 41″x29″
Eddie Flotte Upcountry Free Range Poultry Watercolor 25 x 34
Beth Fox Scintilla quilt, cotton fabric 90″ x 85″
Betty Hay Freeland Edge of Waimoku Valley oil 30×36
Carmen Gardner Lei Ladies of Paradise Flower Farm Transparent Watercolor 24X36 (image)
Carmen Gardner Kaleidoscopic Caldera Oil 24X36 (image)
Lynne Garzino Break Time Oil 60 x 40
Gerard C. Gifford Bridge of Dreams Photography – Digital 15″ x 20.5″
Robert Gilman Shave Ice, Cell Phones And Pink Cowgirl Boots Photography 16″ X 20″
Elaine Nobuko Gima Echoes Handpainted silk wrap dress
Zig Graham Banana Flower Photography 62″ x 36″
anita greenman Help save the turtles wax carving and brass cast 6x6x4
Christina D. Haines Printing Press Photography 12 x 8
Linda Harrison Dawn Patrol oil on canvas 48×60
Hilary Harts Maui Boy Photography 12×15
Kent Hattersley Hookipa Etching 12″ x 9″
Pamela Hayes Inverted Lilies watercolor 37×27
Will Herrera A Poet’s Pen Never Dies Low Fire Ceramic mixed media original sculpture 11 x 9.25
Barclay Hill Cetacean Station 14K Gold, Sterling Silver, Raku 18 x 7
Barclay Hill Tahitian Hands 18K Gold, Tahitian Pearl 1.125 x 1.125
Ditmar Hoerl Ideal Citizens mixed 48 x 96
Vince Hogan Untitled Kanaha Driftwood 10″w x 9″h
Victor Holmes & Sandra Bailey Amorous Mango Wood, Tint, Gold Leaf 7 x 36.5
Dan Honma Heritage Silver gelatin photograph 10.5×13.25
Brad Huck Pause Continue mixed media on wood panels 12.75×83
Stephen Hynson Lokelani Wood – koa, amboyna 24x22x22
Stephen Hynson Jacques-Emile Comes To Maui Wood – koa, holly,motyher of pearl 31x 23x 20
Akira Iha Nijiriguchi #1210 acrylic on paper 48×48
Harvey Janis Readily Red photography [digital] 8″ x 10″
Tom Yasuji Kamijo Ozone Generator ceramics 13x8in
Kathleen Kastles Texting at the Food Court embroidered quilt 38.75″ x 32.75″
Anthony Kekona Na Puka O Poina Wale acrylic 17 x 21
Elizabeth Keller View from Haleakala Highway watercolor 11″ by 56″
Caroline Killhour Bon Dance 2 guache on watercolor board 10.5 x 7
Kirk Kurokawa By the Slice Oil on Board 32.5 x 27.5
Diane La Fontaine Dawn to Dusk Plaster Composite, Acrylic, and Pastel on Paper-Diptych 11 x 26
Zenobia Lakdawalla Art MDF, spray paint 16×82
Jon Beau Lee Pop Puppy Fun House Mixed media on canvas 18 x 18
Diana Lehr Floating Pink Watercolor – Pastel 30″ x 40″
Mary Ann Leigh Balancing Act Tea Set Ceramics 11″ x 20″
Tina Lia Insomnia Mixed media sculpture: custom doll with facial re-sculpt and re-paint, wig cut and style, and handcrafted fashions 21″x13″x7″
Craig Lofton Lana’i Norfolk Island Pine Vessel Turned norfolk island pine, natural Danish oil finish 23.5 x 11.5
Craig Lofton Guard Your Queen Turned birch and 23.75 carat gold leaf 32 x 10
Jim Lynch Kanaha Oasis pastel 22″x24″
Jim Lynch Patrick’s Farm pastel 9″x12″
Laurna Malkovich Timekeeper Watercolor 30″ x 22″
Alysia McKee Locket Of Dreams Sterling Silver 3D Locket. Tourmaline, Garnet & Secret Note within. Earrings With Crystals. Wood and velvet display 16 1/2 ” 6 1/4″
Scott Mead End of The Day Dye Infused Aluminum 16 x 24
James Meekhof Norfolk Pine Vessel Wood 10 X 22
Paulo Mendes The Land Is Our Chief photography 12″x5′
Gabriel Mott Kihei Computer Fine Art Print 30 x 60
Michael Neal Fading Glory – Puunene Hawaii’s Last Sugar Mill Koa wood / metal digital photo 18×18
William Neil Palm Pod Bronze 20″ x 13″ x 8″
Jason Nelson Battle of Kuamo`o Glass Fusion 18 x 24
Richard Nelson Hope Trihue Watercolor 17″x24″
David Newell Into the Gourd pyrography on a gourd 14″H x 10″W
David Newell River Road acrylic on canvas 24″H x 48″W
John C. Norman tenor mango ukulele wood 27″x9″
Tony Novak-Clifford Seeing Red Photography 28″ x 34″
Wayne N. Omura Wailuku Underpass Norfolk Island Pine 21.5 X 18
Kevin Omuro Moon Phase porcelain (3 pieces) 6×6
wayne pak kalbi plate oil on canvas panel 12×12
Audrey Quinn neckpiece in black and gold with pearls bead weaving 20 inches
J.B. Rea Untitled Bracelet Sterling silver, drusy chrysocolla 3″ x 3″ x 1″
Harvey Reed Sand 2 Photography 12 x 18
Kathryn Regier Big Island Beauties Watercolor 28×24 framed
Wanda Russell Migration Series (Flux) Oil on Paper 22 x 30
Paulo Sabado Palms VII Pencil 8x 10
Stephanie Sachs Ambitions of a Happy Man Oil on Linen 30 x 36
Kathy Sakai Dream Time Acrylic 23″ x 30″
Mark Sato Ohm Oil on Canvas 16″ x 18″
Jamie Schell Oxidized 1 Iron Paint 12″x9″
Christine E. Schlink Water and Oil Woodcarving – oils 5’x5″
tom sewell Palauea Beach “snork n fork” homage to George Schattenberg photograph 48″ x 72″
tom sewell To a Reflection photograph on metal 30″ x 38″
Nancy Shepard-Moseley It’s All About Geometry Original polymer clay design digitally reproduced 16×40
Nancy Shepard-Moseley Aloha Friday polymer clay 11×14
John Shoemaker Landscape encaustic, fabric, paper, watercolor, thread 48″ x 48″
nancy skrimstad tribute to bjorn mixed 36” X 36”
Donald Smith Beauty Knows No Pain Steel & Glass 14x17x17
Stephen B. Smith Botanicals I Photography 41.25 x 35
Stephen B. Smith Painted Eucalyptus II Photography 41.5 x 59
William Spence Ohe Makai Photography – Silver Gelatin Print 18×20
Roger Stephens Kohunlich Revisited Mixed Media 50″X51″
Jim Stewart Encounters oil on canvas 23″x29″
Jefferson Stillwell The All-Knowing Centenarians enamel paint on japanese paper 37″ x 40″
Rick Strini Napuawai glass 5’x5′
Robert Suzuki Red Fish Linoleum, charcoal, pastel 42.5 x 32.25
M Takemoto Wabi Sabi V Sumi ink and wax on paper 96″ x 38″
Tracy Leo Tam Sing Ka Huaka’i Pō Acrylic on Canvas 24″ x 24″
Forrest Treadwell Plastic Safety Net photography 30″x45″
Ricardo Vasquez Intrinsic Reality Curly Koa, Fiddleback English Sycamore, Silky Oak, Opiuma 48″ x 14″
Sommer Ranee Waagosh Light Reading Altered Books 50″ x 10″ x 10″
David L. Welty untitled Gold, pearls, diamonds and Rubellite. 65cm x 45cm
Judith Whitman-Small Sunset at Wailea oil on linen 23×27
Lisa Widell Amber Mist lampwork glass beads necklace 22″ long
Lisa Widell Amber Mist lampwork glass beads bracelet 8.5″ long
Donnette-Gene Wilson Malaysian Jelly Fish Intaglio, a la Poupe’e, & Chin Colle` 17″x14.5″
Jay Wilson Dragon computer art, hand colored print, proof 30″X40″ framed
Jay Wilson Flag of Joy computer art, archival print, proof 30″x40″ framed
Jamie Woodburn Golden pikake peacock and Chinese golden pheasant feathers 5″x30″
Michael Worcester Gravity Dreams Blown/sculpted glass 16x28x28
Michael Worcester Red Abalone Blown glass 6x12x12
Sally Worcester Cultural Cushion Hand blown and sandblasted glass, sennit, shells 7″x9″
Sally and William Worcester Glass Ipu Handblown and sandblasted glass w/hemp cord 20″x9″
donna zarbin-byrne Covering paper, encaustic, mixed media 24x 33x 2

Download Works Selected for Art Maui 2011, 4 page PDF for your records or to send.

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