Works selected for Art Maui 2010

Artist First Name Artist Last Name Title Medium Size
Connie Adams Reminiscences of a Sugar Mill transparent watercolor 30 x 20
Pamela Andelin Wa Wa Market Oil on Masonite 24 x 30
Gabrielle Anderman The Butterfly Effect acrylic, oil stick, collage and charcoal on 20 canvases 62″ x 76″
Arabella Ark Temple of the Water Gazelle clay 36″x15″x12″
Gwen Arkin ‘Ohi’a, Lost photogravure 16×20
Evan Asato Up & Moving Forward #2 Acrylic on canvas 45″x90″
Crystal Jean Baranyk Roots Scratchboard 24″x36″unframed
Marcia Barnett-Lopez “Wolf” at Montebelli color pencil and acrylic 15″ x 17″
Suchi Waters Benjamin REDEMPTION Acrylic on Canvas 49″ H x 38″ W
Don Bernshouse Sumi-e Landscape Sumi-e Ink 23″ x 17″
Krista Biener Hera’s Urn Gourd 15″ dia.
Judy Bisgard Layered landscape oil 39″x39″
Judy Bisgard Black Dog woodblock print (oil) about 30″ x 40″
George Brinner Waianapanapa #7 Acrylic on Canvas 36″x64″
Irene I’i Brown Clowning Around photography 22 x 25.5
Irene I’i Brown Hello New Neighbor. Good Bye Old Friends photography 27″x33.5
Todd Campbell Closed Form Vessel Norfolk Island Pine 9ht  25dia
Michael B. Carino Nature-Altered Manscape Photography 30″ x 24″
Jackie Pias Carlin Orchid Knome Watercolor 11 x 15
Tess Cartwright Transmit 15″ X 28″ X 6″ 1
Dennis Chamberlain Spires glass (x5 pieces) various
Laily Chowdry Sexy Pink chalk 15″ x 11″
Michael Clements Morning Instructions Oil on wood panel 24×48
Stephanie Clifton Pukalani mixed media 48″ x 24″
Claudia Coonen What Lies Below Etching(On recycled litho plate)/ Collograph Mono Print 16″x20″
Elliott Cost Faux Gold Collage 12″ X 12″
Tad Craig Blue Agave Photography 24 x 36
Greg Davidge Milo’s Bowl wood 11.5″x27″
Coleen d’Avignon Deep in the Forest II Jewelry – woven beaded necklace 20″
Mark De Colibus One Sunny Day Pencil 19.5X15.5
Cathy Detrick Honua’ ula (Red Earth) Hand-woven and hand-painted fiber 38 1/2 x 64ins.
Catalina Ezcurra Bowerbird Copperplate etching print with concentrated inks 17″ x 13.5″
Stephanie Farago Flirting Surrealists Ceramic Painted with Oils 14 x 8
Gerald Filipelli Closed Vessel Tamarind w/pheasantwood trim 20″H x 13″W
Joseph Fletcher Evening at Honolua Bay Oil 12 x 16
Bob Flint “Na Wana” – Hawaiian Cape Series Hand built ceramic sculpture with metalic patinas 16.5 x 30
Eddie Flotte Still a Dreamer Watercolor 21.5″x25″
Eddie Flotte Locally Grown Watercolor 23″x27″
Chimiko Fukui Mana Foods Acrylic color 6.25″ X 9″
Tim Garcia Ocean Rhythm Mango 34″x30″x12″
Carmen Gardner Genoa Transparent Watercolor 21″ X 29″
Robert Gilman (Shake Your) Tail Feathers Photography 16″ X 20″
Robert Glick Bride of the Recession, 2010 oil on canvas 36″ x 72″
Jack Grace Bit of Paradise Photo/Digital Painting 16X24
Mary Grandy Ocean Inspiration Sterling silver, copper, Prismacolor pencil, embossing rub on, fixative 17″ necklace
Aldei Gregoire Untitled Photography 20″ x 16″
Lee Guthrie Outside the World Series, Number One black & white photo 21″  x 19″
Lee Guthrie Outside the World Series, Number Two black & white photo 21″ x 19″
James W. Hanlon Equilibrium of Silence acrylic on canvas 6’4″X5’4″
Lauren Harris Mystic Landscape 1 & 2 mixed media on panel 12″x10″ (x2)
Kent Hattersley Erin’s Trees Etching 12″by 9″
Rich Hevner Kula Girl with Axis Dancer Pastel, charcoal and gesso on paper 57 x 50
Ditmar Hoerl Sunrise in Flatland mixed 16’x2’x1.5″
Vince Hogan Taliesin pheasant wood 24″x16.5″
Daniel Honma Hobron Ave. Maui Silver Gelatin Photograph 7.5″ x 9.5″
Julie Houck The Calm Before the Storm Oil on panel 24 x 24
Julie Houck Dawn Comes to Paia Oil on linen 40 x 30
Akira Iha Solitude No. 210 Acrylic on paper 41″ x 40″
Patricia Inman New Life Oil on board 49″x24″ (x2)
Michi Itami Day in Ha’iku Oil on canvas 37 x 49.5
Tom Yasuji Kamijo Black Bamboo Spirit ceramics 15inx9in
Lisa E. Kasprzycki Light the Lamps…..”Pupuhi kukui o Papalaua…” Mixed 23 x 14
Kathleen Kastles Monstera Painted Quilt 58 5/8″x62 1/4″
Ken Kennell Kua Loloa Kea’au i ka Nahelehele Oil on plywood (3 panels) 28″x55″
Kirk Kurokawa Dream Catcher oil on board 11×30
Diane La Fontaine Geometric Composition Series No. 11, 2009 “Bougainvillea and Sky” Hand cut and painted Acrylics on Paper 16 x 20
Al Lagunero Mai ka po mai acrylic 36″x48″ tall
Patricia Lailey Collar of Joy bead embroidery 7 x 7
Zenobia Lakdawalla Untitled MDF, spray paint 15.25 x 8
Ellen Levinsky Dancing on the Beach Natural Feathers and Hand-Made Paper 16 x 20
Jacquelyn Lipp Sway Oil and mixed medium 30 x 42
Robert Lippoth Metamorphosis Thuya burl, acrylic on maple 26.5 x 22 x 12
Craig Lofton Gemini Wood – cocobolo 10 x 14
Jim Lynch Tree Light pastel 12.5 x 9
Kathleen MacDonald Glass Scarf I slumped glass 7 X 8
Ronaldo Macedo Lahaina Town Oil 12 x 16
Ronaldo Macedo Sundays at Manele Harbor Oil 30 x 40
Laurna Malkovich Hideout watercolor 22 x 30
Robert Massetti A Glutton on a Sunday acrylic on discarded closet door 78 x 36
Pat Masumoto The Final Brush Stroke Acrylic 30 x 40
Em McBride Loko La’a Kea / Innerlight Photograph 8 x 10
Erin McNally Torture – Doesn’t Work Photography 16 x 20
Kimble T. Mead Maui Swapmeet Watercolor and pencil 20 x 30
Keri Meyer Monstera Meets Daylily Pod Sterling and fine silver necklace and earrings 26″
Joe Moes Red Noise Oil 36 x 48
Kim Mosley Lean on Me Alabaster and Kiawe Wood 20 x 20 x 17
Gabriel Mott Autumn Elation Fine Art Digital Print 30 x 40
Michael Neal Moment in the Light Koa/Mango/Digital Image 24 x 24
Tony Novak-Clifford Horizon Obscured I Photography 15 x 15
Rob O’Connor Morning Oil 8 x 10
Wayne Omura Blood, Sweat and No Tears Norfolk Island Pine 23 x 15
Joelle C. Perz Native Imprint oil and acrylic on carved wood 40 x 32
Virginia Pierce Cane Fires Pastel 18 x 22
Jordan Lynn Pigott Sleepwalking Photograph 18 x 24
Jordan Lynn Pigott Ethereal Photograph 24 x 18
Jim Powlan Dancing Tigers Aquatint Etching and Dry Point on Kimono Silk 14 x 22
Allen Pufahl I am Oil 30 x 40
Christian Puibaraud Desk Monkey Pod and Teak w9′ d28″ h30″
Stephanie Sachs The Color of Pomegranates Oil on wood 12 x 24
Kathy Sakai Dark Matter Acrylic 23 x 30
Mark Sato Layers Oil on Canvas 35 x 25
Mark Sato Vessel Oil on Canvas 14 x 10
Joyce Schaunaman ‘Iao Stream Dance Oil on Linen 24 X 36
Joyce Schaunaman Protea, Irises, and Heleconia in a Vase Oil on Linen 24 X 20
Christine E. Schlink Wave Riders Wood – oil 50 x 9.5
Al Schwartz Eleven Eleven Series #6 Ceramic 6 x 17
Tom Sewell BACH,MONKS, mixed with video 8×10 foot room
Tom Sewell “ForGIVEness and ComPASSION”    A life of  Love & Libido   William V. “Rubak” Vitarelli 1910-2010 mixed 74 x 54
Don Shamblin Veiled Oil on Canvas 35.5 X 41.75
Elaine Shapiro Passage Series #7: “All our labor will not buy for us another hour of time”…K. Patton Graphite & Ink on Board 7 x 10
John Shoemaker Internal Solstice encaustic, oil 32 x 48.25
John Shoemaker Desert Catenary encaustic, oil 32 x 48.25
Jacqueline Sing Garden Goddess Acrylic on watercolor canvas 16 x 20
Bjorn Skrimstad Da Bugs and Da Bees Mixed 4′ x 8′
nancy skrimstad Emotional Illiterate mixed 18″ X 30″
Nelly Sorokko Still Life with Garlic and White  Bowl Oil on canvas 11.5″x16.25″
Nelly Sorokko Interaction of Colours Aquatint-four plates 30″x24″
Jennifer Stephens Alterations Found Object Assemblage 6 x 9 x 3
Jefferson Stillwell Wishful Thinking Enamel Paint on Photostat 26 X 23
Rick Strini Urchin Still Lif Glass 2 x 2
Robert Suzuki Golden Chain Charcoal and pastel on recycled newsprint 47″x36″
M Takemoto Ignotum Per Ignotius Sumi ink and wax on paper 96 x 18
M Takemoto Ab Asino Lanam Sumi ink and wax on paper 96 x 18
George Y. Tengan Going Down/Coming Up Acrylic 18 x 14
Eric Van Alstine Jake oil 32 x 68
Ricardo Vasquez Ekahi curly koa and curly mango 6.3’x13″x32″
Ricardo Vasquez Coconut opiuma wood 11.5″x6″
Vijai Descending mixed media 6′ x 6″ dia.
Sandy Vitarelli The Planting Stoneware – Shino over blue 18 x 10
Sandy Vitarelli Leaves Stoneware 12 x 6
Martha Haulani Vockrodt Keokea Pastures, Maui Oil on linen 9″ x 12″
Elaine Wender Hanging on by a Thread Java plum slab, lemon branches, stinkvine, gut (hog casings), alaea, hau, wood glue 30″Hx47″Wx27″D
Linda Whittemore The Pace of Life Viscosity monotype 22″x45″
Renee Wilcox Indecision Mixed 6’x6′
Arthur Dennis Williams Elder 166 year old reclaimed ‘ohi’a wood (Po’okela Church) 31″x8″x11″
Jay Wilson Gods I Computer Art / Original Print Proof 40 x 30
Jay Wilson Bird of Paradise Computer Art/Hand Colored/Original Print Proof 40 x 30
Bradford Winslow Ma’alaea Oil on Linen 35 36
Bradford Winslow Kenny Gale Oil on Linen 16 x 20
Lori Winterbottom-Guntzel 13 Views of Maui Ceramics 12′ x7″ x17″
Sally and William Worcester Ipu and Keiki Blown and sandblaster glass with hemp and shells 12″x10″
Sidney Yee WHAT YOU LOOKING AT !? Acrylic 48″w x 43″h
Sidney Yee Pundy’s Vision Acrylic 39″w x 55″h
Travis Zumwalt Ebb and Flow wood 6″ x 4″
Travis Zumwalt Lemuria Artifact #1 wood 9″ x 9″
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