Works selected for Art Maui 2009

Artist First Name Artist Last Name Title Medium Size
George Allan The Merry Piper of Holopuni Oil on linen 48"x34"
Harriet  Alms Golden Lily Kiss Quilt 60" x 90"
Shawn Ardoin Fish Town #48 Mixed media on panel 36"x36"
Arabella Ark Temple Raku-fired porcelain 33"x10"x8"
Evan Asato Up and Moving Forward Acrylic polymer on canvas 45" x 90"
Sandra Bailey Serenity Alabaster 24 x 10
Neida B. Bangerter Cell Phone Male Pencil drawing 48"x42"
Marcia Barnett-Lopez Purple Swallow Soars to Great Heights Mixed media 12"x12"
Gerald J. Barron Road Side Shrine Ink jet photographic print 41"x20"
Don Bernshouse Apparition Watercolor and sumi 21 x 15
Andrew Binkley Ten Ox Herding Pictures Digital c-print photograph 42.5"x106.25"
Judy Bisgard Kaluanui Gold Oil 36 x 36
Travis Browne The Feast Mixed media 33-5/8"x21-3/4"
Thomas M. Calhoun   (Untitled) Makore/Tamo ash 51"x22"x16"
Todd Campbell Tall Closed Vessel Norfolk Pine 25" x 19"
Sandra  Clark Raging Burn Mixed media 20"x62"
Michael  Clements Puunene Sugar Mill Pastel 18.5"x26.5"
Stephanie Clifton Flying With Angels Mixed media, found and collected materials 15"x48"
Claudia Coonen Spring Reductive Woodblock 18" x 18"
Charlie Corda Untitled Acrylic glass 55" x 35"
Carla Crow Seven Sisters Mixed media on handmade bark paper 28.5"x36.5"
Sharon Dahl Terrorist Acrylic 24 x 24
Cathy Detrick Garden of the Gods Hand-woven & painted chenille textile 25.5"x69"
Ayumi Watabe Ditamore Serene High-fired stoneware 30"x8"
Mary Lucas Faustine Life Passing By Oil 22"x20"
Kristin Fein Kyichu Lhakhang, Bhutan Photograph 16"x20"
Alisha Moana Fernandez Palm Shades Watercolor 13.5"x13.5"
Gerald Filipelli Amphoreus Camphor with ebony trim 8"x20"x4"
Joseph Fletcher Sunday at Takamiya Oil on panel 12"x36"
Eddie Flotte Kids Ride Free Watercolor 24" x 22 "
Betty Hay Freeland Kukulu ka ike i ka opua (Knowledge is built in cloud billows) Oil 27.5 x 39.5
Denby Freeland-Cole Hakioawa Stream-bed Kapa 72" x 20"
Carla Gangini Fruit and Flower Stand Acrylic 30 x 40
Carmen Gardner The Maui News/Matthew Thayer Photo Transparent watercolor 21"x29"
Robert Gilman Embers Photography 16"x20"
Mary Grandy Bird from Paradise Jewelry 1.5" x 2"
Jack Hamilton Sunlit Valley Oil  16 x 20
Jaisy Hanlon Portal Watercolor, copper, enamel 30"x23"
James Hanlon Tight Hold Acrylic 40"x17"
Linda Harrison Plumeria Perfume Oil on canvas 42"x39"
Linda Harrison Baptism Oil on canvas 36"x36"
Kent Hattersley Afternoon at Ohukai Etching 12"x9"
Kent Hattersley Ohukai Shore-Pound Etching 12"x9"
Will Herrera River of Tears Stoneware ceramic 15.5 x 12
Richard  Hevner Harvest Costume Pastel and Charcoal 58 x43
Barclay Hill Twisted Tea Raku-copper 22 x 6
Ditmar Hoerl Guan Yin Cast glass 16"x7"x2"
Daniel Honma Potters House Photography – gelatin silver print 8"x10"
Daniel Honma Wailuku, Maui Photography – gelatin silver print 8"x10"
Sarah Howard Orchid – Six Views Oil (6 pieces, hung 2 rows of 3 or 3 rows of 2, any order) 12"x12"
Brad  Huck Paradise and Her Shadows Mixed media 12.5"x66.5"
Brad  Huck Time to Ascend Mixed media 78.5"x23"
Akira Iha Open No. 408 Acrylic on paper 48"x48"
Patricia Inman Upcountry Lovers Oil on board 24" X 24"
Emily C. Irwin Stray Hairs Digital paintbrush (not manipulated) 21"x17"
Michi Itami Red Flowers 2 Pastel 18.5" x 22.25"
Kenneth Armand Johnson inPhinity Digital 25"x15"
Jeff Johnson Keonehe’ehe’e (Sliding Sands Trail) Pitfired Stoneware 11 x 6.5
Yasuji Tom Kamijo Bamboo Teapot 09 Ceramics 12"x4"
Yasuji Tom Kamijo Bamboo Teapot R16 Ceramics 5"x6"
Lisa E. Kasprzycki Image of Light Acrylic on wood 72" x 48"
Kathleen Kastles Spider Lily Painted quilt 56"x63"
Joa Keur Hana Water Walls Acrylic, lint, gel medium on wood 36"x72"
Ben Kikuyama Odusseia Oil, acrylic, found objects on board 42" x 26"
Michael Krahn William Acrylic over watercolor 34"x26"
Kirk Kurokawa Paauilo Store Oil 30"x22"
Kirk Kurokawa What Festival Did You Go To? Oil 16.5"x15"
Diane La Fontaine Iconic Four Corners mixed 25.5 x 25.5
Zenobia  Lakdawalla Untitled Vellum 37 x 9
Zenobia  Lakdawalla Kuma’s Fur Etching 18 x 18
Ed Lane End of the Road Oil on canvas 60 x 20
Mary Ann Leigh Fan Palm Tea Set Ceramics 15", 10", 10"
Jacqueline Livingston Identical Twins Photography 12"x16"
Devon Mastrich Wrap Around Me Cuff cast and tube riveted sterling silver with patina 3 x 3.5
Pat Masumoto My 101-year-old Mother Acrylic 30" x 40"
Marilyn Maulin The Road to Hana Glass mosaic 6′
Alysia D. McKee Bound by Lust Sterling silver, antique bottle, garnets, crystals 1" x 3.5"
Michael C. Nees Grazing Upcountry Oil on board 6" x 8"
Kathleen O’Bryan Illuminated Pastel 18" x 12"
Wayne N. Omura Kapakalua Crossroad Wood – Norfolk Island Pine 19.5"x14.5"
Jennifer Owen Mambo Salt-fired stoneware  14 x 12 x 18
Sommer Ranee Waagosh Paulson What’s on YOUR bookshelf? altered books and wood 4′ x 3.5′ x 1′
James Powlan Guardian Aquatint etching & dry point on kimono silk 28"x35"
Timothy Riley Clean Sweep Acrylic 5’x2′
Wendy Romanchak Liam II Watercolor marker and pastel 22.5"x19"
Wanda Russell Affinity Series (Pandanus Passages) Oil on canvas (diptych) 60"x20" (x2)
Kathy Sakai Prehistory Mixed media 17"x17"
Jamie Schnell Tea Table Wood: opiuma/wenge 52"x19"x17"
Tom Sewell Mirror in the Mirror (Speigle em Speigle) Video projection 8’x8′
Don  Shamblin Citron Oil and paper on canvas 50"x40"
John Shoemaker Catenary, Blue Encaustic, transfer 48"x32"
Janet Stewart Auntie Nani and her Crown Flowers Watercolor on paper 22.5"x22"
Jefferson Stillwell Totem Poles of Toon Town enamel paint on ripped rags 51"x64"
Rick Strini Haiku Jungle Vase Glass 20"x15"
Maggie T. Sutrov Ke`anae Harvest Oil on canvas 42" x 60"
Robert N. Suzuki Beyond the Threshold Pastel and charcoal on board 40"x30-7/8"
M. Takemoto Non Placet Latex on canvas tarpaulin 91"x71"
William S. B. Tully Listen to the Bells Ball Point Pen 8" x 14"
  Tyrell Tropical Sorbet Acrylic 60"x20"
Sandy Vitarelli The Harvest Stoneware 17 x 10
Martha Haulani Vockrodt Longhorns Oil on linen 11"x14"
Tony Walholm The Drawn Line and the Quantum of Time Oil/Alkyd 48 x 72
Elaine Wender Mended Hearts Pair gut (hog casings), lemon thorns, hau bast, alaea, olena, crayon 7 x 9 x 4.5
Renee Wilcox Samadhi Mixed media – fabric and earth 10’x4′
Donnette-Gene Wilson Spring Frost Monotype 21"x24"
Jay Wilson The Sandman computer art, original pigment print 30 x 40
John Woodruff Nellie’s Poker Room Acrylic on Linen 49 x 63
Bill and Sally Worcester Ipu Wai hand blown & sandblasted glass 14 x 14 x 22
Michael Worcester Ruby Rope handblown glass 25 x 4
Sidney T. K. Yee What is Next to TURNIP? Acrylic on wood 41"x37"
Sidney T. K. Yee Why Worship the Turnip? Because: I CAN Mixed media 36"x48"
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