Works selected for Art Maui 2008

Artist First Name Artist Last Name Title Medium Size
Carrie Ade Deep Jungle Acrylic / diptych 60×40 (2)
Alexis America Seafoam Acrylic 30×26
Pamela Andelin Kula Dragon – Triptych Oil and gold 30 x 40 (2)
Gabrielle Anderman And Then I Woke Up on Maui Acrylic, charcoal, grease pencil & paper on canvas 11×14
Audrey Antone-Blaak Cane Fire Oil on canvas 48×60
Shawn Ardoin Fish Town #15 (Coastline) Mixed media on panel 30×60
Arabella Ark Grasshopper Pillow Lustre-fired clay 20x22x3
Arabella Ark LIME SAMURAI TEA TEMPLE Raku-fired clay 26x16x6
Gwen Arkin Pura Luhur Batakau, Bali Handcolored silver gelatin print 26×32
Evan Asato Technonic: Crossings Acrylic polymer on canvas 63 x 66
Katharine Stone Ayers And the Light Shown on the Waters Oil 8×10
Marcia Barnett-Lopez Kuan Yin and the Peacock Oil on linen 25×35
Suchi Waters Benjamin Undercurrent Acrylic on canvas 20×40

Bettina MAUi OPO Li Acrylic on canvas 30×30
Anita Bisquera Our Daily Bread Acrylic 24 x 18
Travis Browne Fish and Beer Etching and Aquatint 31×22
Aubrey Bumatay Anatomically Incorrect Ceramic and metal 12×9
Todd Campbell Tall Open Vessel Norfolk Pine 30 x 10
Neda Tuma Canton My Bag Ceramics 8x16x14
John, Mike & Dan Cesere (C3 Submerged) Sea Biscuit Photograph 24×30
Kristen Chiara-Gann Untitled Polymer, crystal, 14k gold, semi precious stone 25" long
Sandra Clark Ali’i (by Sandra Clark & Davo) Mixed media, photo screen, dyes on paper 30×34
Stephanie Clifton Sail Her Girl Mixed media 79×18
Carla Crow Dzi II Acrylic on handmade bark paper 24×32
Jeanne B. Denton-Nelson Dancing Buck Naked in the Moonlight with Cancer and a Torn Retina Oil on canvas 47×49
Jeanne B. Denton-Nelson The Weight Watcher Oil on raw silk 63×44
Orlan Do Nisi Hope Earth on paper, paperwood bark 22×30
Diana Dorenzo Jitterbug Afternoon Oil & oilbar on canvas 48×36
Jeanne M. Dusseau Huelo Surf Watercolor 15×22
Jeanne M. Dusseau Huelo Winds Watercolor 10×13
Judy Epstein Pohaku Photographic giclee 40×54
Hare Evison The Eye of Buddah Ceramic 17×15.5×20
Chelsea Fahsholtz Crossing Makawao Avenue Pastel 8 x 10
Mary Lucas Faustine You and Me Oil 18×24
Rik Fitch Hand to Hand Acrylic 28×32
Bonnie Fox Renaissance Watercolor, rice paper, gold thread, acrylic, resin 21×11
Carmen Gardner Chiyoko Transparent watercolor 21×29
Lynne Garzino " Descending " Oil 25.5×50
Nur Gibson Allegory of Air Watercolor 16 x 16
Elaine Nobuko Gima Spirit Rising II Handpainted Silk Garment
Phillip Glashoff High Priest Metal sculpture 9’x4′
Chad Glashoff Lava Stone Stainless steel scuplture 8’6"x4′
Robert Glick Maybe Another Time, Another Place Oil on canvas 36×34.5
Anna Good Maui Water Gems Original oil on canvas 42×60
Lollie (Lali) Groth Axis Deer Mixed Media 28 x 56
Dianna Grundhauser Unconscious Convenience Fabric, plastic, wire and pipe 48×42
John Hall Cherry Blossom Tree Oil 30×24
James Hanlon Butt Out Acrylic 15×19
Kent Hattersley Charlie Young Beach Etching 9×12
Pamela Hayes Where I Walk Watercolor 22 x 30
James Hestand Purple Kimono Oil on canvas 18×24
Richard Hevner A Poet’s Silk Pastel/Charcoal 74 1/4" x 49 3/4"
Ditmar Hoerl The Bride Wood, gold leaf 16 x 14
Douglas Hoffman Enlightened Digital capture printed on fine art media 16×20
Marylyn Holland Wisdom, Compassion, STRENGTH Stoneware / Set of 3 35×15
Julie Houck Twister #2 Acrylic on canvas 30×40
Sarah Howard Kalo (Taro Triptych) Oil on canvas 16×36, 24×36, 20×36
Barton Hrast Girl in Blue Film photography 20×24
Akira Iha The Void No. 208 Acrylic on paper 48×48
Michi Itami Monkeypod Tree Woodcut 27×33
Kathleen Kastles Young Leaves Hand-painted and dyed quilt 91.25×68
Barbara Kessler Expressions of Maui #2 Acrylic 18×18
Ben Kikuyama Equus Boop Acrylic, found object wall sculpture 31x43x5
Lori Koprowski Pele’s Itch Oil 3.5’x5.5′
Michael Krahn W.S.B. Tully (Pentimento) Acrylic over Watercolor on Paper 23 3/4 x 30
Kirk Kurokawa Downtown Oil 24×21.5
Diana Lehr Seafoam Patterns Watercolor and pastel 30×40
Mary Ann Leigh Balancing Act Tea Set Ceramics / 3 piece set 10×18
Ellen Levinsky Dancing Feathers Feathers and handmade paper 20×30
Tina Lia It Girls Mixed media sculpture 14x6x18.25
Bill Little Entry – Rake Steel, Stainless steel 26 x 77 x 9
Ingrid Machner-Docktor My Kumu – My Husband Pressed plant material on dye tappa paper 20×23.5
Laurna Malkovich Endless Watercolor 16×20
Saint Marko the house ( thank you lowell mapes ) Painting 31×41
Pat Masumoto Evidences Acrylic 60 x 20
Guus Mauri Simply Curly Wood Decayed wood – Japanese Cedar – Sugi Pine 36×16
Erin McNally Poli Poli Kakahiaka Photography 24×20
Kimble Mead Keiki Party Watercolor 18×24
Mikel Mesh In Case of War Mixed media 12×17
Michelle Meyer Ancient Sand Dollar Talisman Necklace Mixed glass, organic and gemstone beads 18"
Nancy Meyer It Could Happen To You Fiber/Quilt 57.25×41.5
Llois Jeanne Miller Fishes Acrylic on canvas 30×48
Kenneth Moore Sistah Four Acrylic 46×26
Kim Mosley Entangled Passion Alabaster mounted on black marble 21x12x8
Michael C. Nees View From Kula Oil on board 14.5×17.5
Pamela Neswald Giving and Receiving Oil / canvas 72×48
Pamela Neswald Clearing Oil / linen 48×36
Kevin Omuro N2 Fire 2 Porcelain 6 x 8
Jennifer Owen Time Salt-fired stoneware 13x11x10
Betty-Jane Pefley Kiawe Down (Diptych) Colored Pencil 22 x 30
Joelle C. Perz Interactions and Reflections Gliclee phototgraph 25 x 30
Joelle C. Perz Timeless Travel Overexposed negatives printed on canvas 9.5 x 56
Thomas Peters Running Out of Time Oil on canvas 20×16
Julie Peterson Charlie’s Yard Ceramic, mixed media 18.5" square
Pamela Peterson High Window Oils 24×21
Virginia Pierce The Back Side Oil / acrylic 24×36
Audrey Quinn Harmony Beadwork neckpiece 18"
Randy Ross Mother and Child Oil on canvas 31.5×22
Stella Sarkissian Inspiration Acrylic 16×24
Mark Sato Vibration Acrylic / air brush on canvas 26×38
Tom Sewell Sewells’ "Family of Man" Video 3’x3’x5′
Don Shamblin Journey Oil 31 x 41
Elaine Shapiro Generation Series: "Road to Nowhere" Mixed 16×7
H. Lee Shapiro Grieving for the ‘Aina Mixed 22×26
Karen Sherman Bamboo Pail Ceramic 8×14
John Shoemaker Seven Islands: Earth, Fire, Water Mixed 38×20
Bonnie Slater Birthday Mixed media, photo on wood 13×16
Roger B. Stephens Tankah Mana Maya Mixed Media 24 x 40
Roger B. Stephens January 2nd Acrylic on Canvas Panel 11 x 14
Janet Stewart Refreshing Shower Watercolor 11×15
Jefferson Stillwell Bull Roar Enamel paint on canvas 58×54
Peggy Ann Thompson Search for Tomorrow Oil 36×48
Lauranne Thompson Taking a Break Oil 20×24
William S. B. Tully Kona Storm Ballpoint on paper 14 x 13.5
Steve Turnbull Go Fish Cedar on Alabaster 14x10x32
Christy Vail Primary Modes of Abstraction: Female Ceramic, mixed media 33x75x4

Vijai Between Paia & Peahi II Mixed 8’x18"
Elaine Wender Secrets Maunaloa vine, gut (hog casings), alaea, olena 24" diameter
Mathew Westcott Cathedral Falls Banana Bark 46.5×29.5
Lily Whitehawk Requiem Acrylic on canvas 20×24
Arthur Dennis Williams Rain Goddess Koa Wood 81x25x24
Donnette-Gene Wilson Egyptian Apparition at the Temple of Dendera Pure unaltered photography time exposure 18×12
William S. Worcester Pueo’s Hula Bath Copper & stainless steel 41×36
Bill and Sally Worcester Sammy’s Silk Kimono Blown glass 8×24
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