Works selected for Art Maui 2005

Full Name Title Medium
Connie J Adams Gone To Seed transparent watercolor
Connie J Adams Ancient Dreams – Spathodea watercolor/gold leaf
Robert Alexander Lake Wanaka Photography
Eric J. Allen Random Connection black & white photograph
Pamela Andelin French Fish Abstract Oil
Andrew Anderson Thermal Yoga Infrared Thermal Images (Three images)
Cathy Apo Mother Nature Fabric
Arabella Ark Turquoise Temple Pillow porcelain, lustre-fired
Arabella Ark SAMURAI WAVE TEA TEMPLE porcelain, lustre-fired
Byron W. Baker Crimson Tide Photography
Eric Bass Immaculate Insemination Acrylic on Board
Deni Beaulieu Garden Party Oil on canvas
John G. Belik ‘T.M. Wrapper’ oil
Derek A. Bencomo Come to me Dancing, 80th View Turned Yew Wood
Derek A. Bencomo Ocean Harmony, 48th View Turned Milo Burl
Daniel and Roxanne Braddix studio mixed (acrylics, wood, plaster, clay, fabric, etc.)
Rebecca Bramon Haiku Gold Acrylic on Canvas
Irene Ii Brown Bridge Photography
Walter Bruder Triple Arch Shrine clay
Walter Bruder Mountain Views clay
Jeffrey R. Bunting Alter Ego on Edge Quadtone Carbon
Jeffrey R. Bunting Rock, Paper, Scissors Quadtone Carbon
Thomas M. Calhoun Untitled Norfolk Pine (Turned and carved)
Todd Campbell Tall Open Vessel Norfolk Pine
Todd Campbell Closed Form Norfolk Pine
Neda Tuma Canton Fruit Bowl Ceramics
sarit giovanni cardone good news! newspaper, glue, plaster
Mira Carman D.N.A. Evolution Human Hair
Stephanie Clifton "Allowing" (diptych) mixed media
Stephanie Clifton "Mending Maidenheads" mixed media
Sal Colbert Walking Meditation Digial Art Photograph
Gaylord Combash Feminine Essence Sculpure
Gregory Ernest Cooper Kona Wind Glass Tile Mosaic Panels
Sharon Dahl Montana Man Settles on Maui Acrylic
Bryan DeBris Ordinary People I Candle Flame
Bryan DeBris Ordinary People II Candle Flame
Jeanne B. Denton-Nelson Flu Oil
Ayumi Watabe Ditamore Joy Birds clay, thrown
Cindy Edgerle Golden Kentucky Dream 12 Golden Kentucky agate with sterling silver bezels and silver tubes
Tom Faught Optical Conclusion High Fired Ceramics/Flamed Sprayed Bronze
Robin Ferrier Shibori Suns Hand-dyed cotton
Robin Ferrier Pineapple#1 Hand-dyed and commercial fabric
Gerald Filipelli Untitled turned bowl Cook Pine
Gerald Filipelli Untitled turned bowl Cook Pine
Eddie Flotte Toma’s Garage Watercolor
Eddie Flotte The Changing Face of Makawao Watercolor
Douglas Floyd Kali Photography/computer graphics
Mats Fogelvik Passion & Grace Wood; koa and rosewood
Beth Fox Alien Sky quilt, cotton fabric
Bonnie Fox Hoku (star) archival paper and archival glue
Kristen Gann Save the Piece ceramic, porcelain, grout
Tim Garcia Enchante Wood
Nur Gibson Peace is the Way Watercolor
Lynne Gilroy Fish Flip (on milky pond) oil on canvas
Elaine Nobuko Gima Nebula Handpainting on silk
alejandro goya series # 8 acrylic and oil on canvas
Jon Graham Paia mixed media
Lollie (Lali) Groth Birdhouse Woodblock Print
Kirsten Guenther Metalography Metal Sculpture w/ Black & White Photography
Lori W. Guntzel Friend, Lover, Wife, Mother Polaroid Transfer/ Watercolor Pastel
Craig-E Halley nuts nut
Jackson Hazen Long Day on The Beach coral sculpture
Susan Hernandez Burning Bush Wire Sculpture, fiber
Will Herrera Silent Strength Ceramic
Barclay Hill Don’t Touch 18-K Gold-Indicolite Tourmaline
Barclay Hill Gates Koa, Lava Stone, Raku
Kenneth Hiraoka Adze Fossilized Walrus Ivory, Tusk & Tooth
Kenneth Hiraoka Ancient Fish Lure Ivory, bone, black coral & palm
Jon Hoe Uncut Flowers #3 acrylic on canvas
Vince Hogan Classic Hawaiian Calabash Maui Milo
Marylyn Holland Pray for One, Pray for All Ceramics
Dan Holmes Kahakuloa
Victor Holmes "Waves of Grain" maple burl
Julie Houck Side By Side oil
Julie Houck Two Hats oil
Brad Huck Slipping Between Acrylic & Mixed Media on Panel
Kenny Hultquist High Tech Girl & the Earth Woman mixed
Lisa Jacyszyn Bolinas 1 Oil
Lisa Jacyszyn Bolinas 2 Oil
Pat Johnson My Orchard Mixed media
Kira Jones Earthrise Wearable Art: Fabric Feather Silk Petals & Leaves Leather Shell Stone Beads
kata joos Tongan Tapa Oil
Kawika Kaanana Sr. Hawai’i piha Koa
Kathleen Kastles Strange Moons and Distant Planets Quilt
Kathleen Kastles Ka Wahine O Ka Lua Quilt
Daniel D. Kealoha Nagasaki Ink on Paper
Fred KenKnight Distant City Watercolor
Fred KenKnight Below the Surface Watercolor
Bill Kohl Paia General Cultural Cross Roads Wood, Glass, Steel, Bamboo & History
Helen Kordyl Aphitrite Jewelry, Embroidered silk, gold thread, Lapis, and pearls
Marvene Krueger Dividends acrylic
Tracy Lamon The Forager Sagger Fired Ceramic/ Palm leaves
Diana Lehr The Pink Zone pastel
Ellen Levinsky Moon Dance feathers & hand-made paper
Ellen Levinsky Twins feathers & hand-made paper
Robert Lippoth Rocker Curly Koa
Henry Lombardi The Kiss Mixed Media – sculpture
Rebecca Lowell Pushing Light oil
Kenneth Loyd There Were Two Orange Trees in Our Back Yard oil on canvas
Lokelani Macaheleg untitled Intaglio print
Amy Maeda Bamboo Fantasy oil
Richard Makino Matsu Photography
Lynnie Marie "The Fridge" Photography
Javier Martinez Hishtsoya oil on canvas
Pat Masumoto Violet Hour Acrylic
Pat Masumoto Daddy Wears Pants Acrylic
Matao Lava Rock Hawaii Photography
Guus Mauri Simple form bowl Spalted Hawaiian Tamarind Wood
Guus Mauri Pacific Seagull Skimming Ocean Hawaiian Pheasant wood – Rootstock
Kari McCarthy January Oil on Canvas
Kari McCarthy Last Light Oil on Canvas
Sharon Mcgauley North Shore (Tryptych) Oil on Canvas
Alysia D. McKee Talisman-Guardian of the Elements Gold and silver, Glass, Bone and Garnet stone
Ryan McVay Pele’s Potion montage Hand blown Borosilicate- Hard Glass
Ryan McVay Beneath the Rainbow Hand blown Borosilicate- Hard Glass
Kimble Mead Hair Piece Ceramic
Alison Messner R.I.P. Acrylic
Nichola Moss The Puu Acrylic
Gary K. Mukai Dreamscape Oil
Gary K. Mukai Untitled Oil
Eona Murray Bamboo Violin (functional) Bamboo, wood. leather, coco fiber
Charles Nalepa Tigger Jogging
Charles Nalepa Blessing the Planting Oil
Michael Neal Welcome Home Driftwood Carving
Sherri Norris Dolphin Fantasy jewelry pendent- sea glass, sterling silver wire and crystal beads
Caleb O’Connor Year of the Rooster oil on beigian linen
Tadashi Obama still life with two mangoes acrylic
Oceana Haleakala Magic photo art
James Page A Gift from Haleakala Pigment Print
Ronald W. Parkhurst Hinahina Plants, rock and wood
Andrea Patrie Homage to the Virgin Oil on cavnvas
Andrea Patrie The Colors of Maui as I feel It Oil on cavnvas
Julie Peterson Earthsign Pit Fired Ceramic
Santiago Poppola Freedom 375101 Mixed Media
Gary Ramirez my daughters sunset oil
Sharon Ransford Koi Stoneware
J.B. Rea "Pucker Fish" 14K Gold & Agate
Heather R. Rendel Figures Pastel
David C. Sacco Double Dorje 18k gold, platinum, natural fancy color & white diamonds, south sea pearls on rubber cord w/ gold clasp
Stephanie Sachs The Fleeting Beauty of Light 2 Oil on wood
Kathy Sakai Above It All Tri-hue Watercolor
Tadashi Sato "Compositon" 2005 Oil on Linen
Tadashi Sato "Composition Wahikuli" Oil on Linen
Ryan Saul Lion Sophisticus Acrylic Derivative on Canvas
Ryan Saul Spaztastic Squirl Acrylic Derivative on Canvas
Thomas Sawyer Island Spirits I Acrylic
Thomas Sawyer Island Spirits II Acrylic
Aaron Schattenburg Malama ‘ulu stone
Al Schwartz Haleakala Red Earth Vessel Ceramic / Pit Fire
R. Scott Semple Prayer Drum Ceramic/Mixed
R. Scott Semple Nativity 4 Ceramic/Mixed
Tom Sewell hydroculator mixed with video
Tom Sewell Enigma of the Mill mixed with video
Don Shamblin Touchstone Oil On Canvas Triptych and Display Box
John Shoemaker Moments of Grace encaustic, oil pastel
Mike Sidney Hookipa Sunrise Photograph
Bjorn Skrimstad The Cartwheel Mixed
Susanne Stark Portal Oil/Acrylic
Jennifer Taylor When Wires Go Wild Sterling Silver & 14kgf wire
Valeria Troubina Moonbow on Haleakala oil on canvas
Valeria Troubina Green Lake Sunrise oil on canvas
Christine Turnbull Nesting Bronze
Steve Turnbull Ka hula o ke uhane (Dance of the Soul) Cedar
Christy Vail Times Requiem Ceramic oxide and ceramic colorants
Christy Vail Disintegration Myth Ceramic oxide
Roger Van De Vanter Koi Pond Raku Ceramics
Sandy Vitarelli Parts of the Whole stoneware
Sandy Vitarelli Kalo stoneware
Penrod Vladyka Photons digital photograph
N. Robert Wagstaff Kula Persimmon Gouache
Tony Walholm Untitled/Vessel Oil on canvas
Kathleen Warno The Flyer Acrylic
Linda Whittemore Another Way of Saying It Viscosity Monotype
Linda Whittemore Untiled (Al’s Place) Viscosity Monotype
William S. Worcester "Soar Haleakala": Bird Bath for endangered species Hot forged copper and stainless steel
Zariah Hina’s Moon Ascent III acrylic
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